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The Story:

Nate brings Oliver, Diggle, Sara,and Ray back to the Hall of Justice after dropping Thea at Star City. They then regroup with the rest of the team. Nate shows the Super Friends footage of the Dominators in Redmond, Oregon 1951 and proposes that they abduct one from there. Oliver pulls Kara aside because he wants to limit her involvement as he doesn't know enough about her. Stein, Caitlin and his daughter work together to create a nano weapon to combat the Dominators. He becomes frustrated when he does not know of any memories she is talking about. Stein talks to Caitlin and reveals that he is going to fix whatever it is his younger self did, which would erase his daughter. The team arrive in Redmond, where Nate, Mick and Amaya go to find a Dominator, while Cisco stays with Felicity on the Waverider. Felicity realizes that Cisco wanted to leave 2016 because he wanted to get away from Barry. The three Legends are able to incapacitate a Dominator but as they are about to bring it back to the Waverider they are captured by men in black suits led by an Agent Smith. Cisco and Felicity rush to save the three when they figure out they were taken. The three Legends are locked up with the Dominator but Nate thinks it is the perfect opportunity to interrogate it. It tells them that they are trying to rid the earth of metas. Cisco and Felicity save them and they decide to free the Dominator as well. They stop it from being tortured by Agent Smith and send it back on the Dominator ship they had on the Waverider. They then head back to 2016. The Dominator contacts them and tells them that although he is thankful they saved him, they are still going to destroy the metas. Barry, Oliver, Ray and Sara are confronted by the head of the DOD who is the aged Agent Smith. He tells them that the Dominators see the metas as a threat. The man tells them that Barry was the reason the Dominators returned after he broke the truce the humans had with them. He tells them that the Dominators will leave if they hand over Barry to them. Cisco and Nate vibe to talk to the Dominator they saved. They try to convince it that the metas are actually trying to save the world. It then tells them that they are going to kill all the metas unless they turn Barry over to them. Cisco finally understands what Barry is going through when he realizes that he had changed the timeline when they saved the Dominator. Barry tells them all that he is going to turn himself into the Dominators, but all his friends refuse to let him go through with it. They tell him that they will fight beside him no matter what. Sara and Jax appear and tell them that the Dominator mother ship in Central City has begun to open up. They realize that the Dominators tried to draw attention away from the meta bomb. Cisco and Sara chase after the bomb and try to disable it. The Super Friends fight the Dominators on a rooftop of Central City. Barry Kara plant nano weapons Stein created in each of the Dominators and Felicity activates them. With great effort Firestorm transmutates the meta bomb and all of the Dominators retreat. At the Hall of Justice the Super Friends are honored by the stand in President and they celebrate after. Oliver apologizes to Kara and he shares a group hug with her and Barry. Cisco gives Kara a device which can open breaches so that she can visit their world anytime. Stein talks to Jax about his daughter and has him promise to not say anything. Agent Smith appears and tries to cover up what they had done but changes his tune when Kara talks to him. Kara then says goodbye to everyone and leaves to go back to her world. After The Legends leave to go about their time traveling adventures. Barry apologizes to Diggle once again for erasing Sara and the latter forgives him. Finally, Barry and Oliver share a drink and talk about how much their lives have changed after becoming superheroes.

New Characters/Cameos:

Team Flash and Supergirl: Seeing them three nights in a row (with Kara being in four) just makes us want them to make a Justice League show at the end of all this.

Team Arrow: We wish Thea, Curtis, Rory and Rene could have joined in on the fun, but we guess they weren't ready. Oliver and Diggle handled themselves just fine. Felicity even kicked some ass herself!

Notable Character Interactions:

The Super Friends: Again, Seeing Team , , Team and the all together for this last part of the crossover was awesome. We thought that because there were so many of them it would be hard to give them all enough screen time, but man were we wrong. We love how everyone had their own little mission leading up to the epic brawl with the Dominators. After Barry found out that he was the cause for the aliens coming to earth, he didn't hesitate to give himself up to them. His friends, even Cisco, decided that they would go down fighting along side him before they let that happen. That whole action sequence of them on the rooftop fighting the Dominators and trying to stop the meta bomb was awesome. After beating the aliens, it was nice seeing them celebrate with one another. This is just the start of their adventures together. Now that Kara has a way to travel to their Earth in the form of a pocket breach courtesy of Cisco, we can't wait to see what happens next! Lastly, we're glad that everyone forgave Barry for his mistakes, especially Cisco. Time to move forward!

Oliver, Barry and Kara: Oliver was back to his moody self at the start of the episode. He decided to let their most powerful weapon against the Dominators sit on the sidelines because he didn't know her well enough. Come on now Oliver, now is not the time for this. He was all about staying behind when everyone turned their backs on Barry, then he went and did the same to Kara. It was funny when Barry pointed out that he knew Oliver said something because Kara was mad and "she never got mad". In the end, he apologized and the Trinity shared a superhug.

Nate, Mick, Amaya, Cisco, and Felicity: We finally got to see Citizen Steel and Vixen kick some ass in the crossover. After having to sit on the Waverider for the first two parts, they had the pleasure of abducting an alien along with Rory. Of course things didn't go according to plan and they found themselves having to be rescued by "geeks" as Mick put it. This trip also gave Cisco some clarity as to how hard Barry had it. That his friend was carrying a burden no one else could. He realized first hand how it felt to mess the timeline. Felicity did her part in helping him forgive Barry, so she gets a medal for that.

Caitlin, Stein and his daughter: It was nice of Caitlin to help Stein try to bond with his daughter. The only thing that bothered us about this was the fact that they never revealed her name. Also what the hell happened to Clarissa?! Stein thought about correcting whatever his younger self did to erase his daughter but Caitlin urged him not to. That if he got to know his daughter, he would change his mind. He did in the end, but knowing the way thing work, this is going to bite them all in the ass.

The Action/Favorite Scenes:

Any Gripes: It ended.

Easter Eggs:

Princess Bride: Cisco was pretty pissed when Nate tried to dethrone him as the Pop Culture King.

Stranger Things: In all the chaos Cisco still manages to watch Netflix. He referenced the show when talking to Felicity.

ET: This is what Cisco called the Dominator they saved.

Crisis: The President made This reference. This definitely was a Crisis. But we know there will be an even bigger one down the line having to do with Infinite Earths.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Justice League! Assemble! Wait, that doesn't sound right. Kara was right though, they do all make a pretty solid team.

Superman: Ray mentioned to Felicity that Kara looked like his cousin. Brandon South played Superman in the movie Superman Returns. Very funny nod to that.

DEO: Apparently Kara talked to the President about setting up the DEO on their Earth. Oh man.

What's To Come/Theories:

In the preview for next week's mid season finale titled "The Chicago Way" a new aberration is discovered by the Legends, and they find themselves headed to 1927 Chicago. The Legends quickly realize that they have been set up by Eobard, Darhk and the newest member of the Legion of Doom, Malcolm Merlyn. While everyone is trying to help fix what they think is the mission, Jax encourages a reluctant Stein to share his secret with the other Legends. Stein is then taken captive and Sara must make the tough choice of either stopping the Legion of Doom or saving Stein. Meanwhile, Mick gets an unexpected visitor and is not sure how to handle it. So it looks like the Legion is nearly complete. We will finally see Darhk, Eobard, Malcolm and Snart face off against the Legends! We wonder if Mick will go back to his evil ways after meeting with his old friend. We hope not as he's really grown into a hero even if he worn admit it. We're also wondering if Stein keeping his daughter from the team will be a bad thing. It's harsh to call her an abberation, but apparently that's what she is. The only thing that could make a better is if Gorilla Grodd was revealed to be the leader of the Legion.

Final Thoughts:

Wow! Considering how quickly this was all put together, this was by far the most ambitious and most epic crossover to date! They just opened up a whole damn multiverse to explore and makes us love the shows even more. While we wished that the other members of Team /Team would have joined the fight, we understand why they couldn't. They definitely would have killed the budget. Since this is the last episode of the crossover, we will round out how we felt about it all. , while not really part of crossover was a fantastic set up for her to join them. The brought all the heroes together so well and it brilliantly introduced the Dominators as well as what they were capable of. perfectly balanced the fantasy sequence with the alien invasion. Then brought them all together to make one more epic stand against the invaders. It's an amazing time to be a comic book and superhero fan. Like we said in the previous post, it was like watching a four episode arc of Unlimited. Full of action, amazing action sequences, solid story and meaningful character interactions. They know what they are doing with these shows and we can not wait to see what's next! We give The Crossover Event "Invasion" 10 Pocket Breaches out of 10! What did you think about the the crossover? Leave it in the comments below, we would love to read them!

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