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The Story:

AIDA continues to keep May captive while she waits for the LMD May to finish her mission in retrieving the Darkhold. Back at the Playground, the team agree to get rid of the Darkhold and to wipe AIDA's hard drive because she read it. Jemma tells Daisy about Nadeer's brother Vijay when she is called in by Mace. Mace tries to leave the past behind, proposing to team up with Daisy and Jemma to save Vijay. Holden and Fitz arrive at his house to try to shut AIDA down, but fail to do so. She easily overpowers them and the other shield agents before getting away. The two regroup with Coulson, Mack and May back at the Playground to prepare for AIDA who is coming for the Darkhold. Vijay awakens at his home and talks to his sister Ellen who asks him what happened to him while he was in the Terrigen encasing. It is revealed that she plans to have him killed after giving a signal to the Watchdogs who are near by. Jemma, Daisy and Mace arrive at Nadeer's office whereJemma goes undercover to gain entry. She talks to one of the guards who calls the Watchdogs. Their leader tells the guard to take care of Jemma. After a brief struggle, Jemma knocks out the guard and retrieves what they need to locate the Nadeers. While taking a walk Ellen reveals to Vijay that she is going to have him killed by the Watchdogs. He is able to convince her that nothing has changed about him and she spares him. The Watchdog leader questions why Ellen let her brother go. Daisy, Jemma and Mace then appear at the Nadeer estate. They tell Ellen that they know she is keeping Vijay against his will. Daisy takes on the Watchdogs as Mace and Jemma look for Vijay. As the Watchdogs are about to kill him, Vijay displays his powers in the form of spatial teleportation and is able to fight back. Jemma tries to convince him to come with them, but he chooses to go with his sister. On the helicopter, Ellen shoots Vijay dead. Back at the Playground, the team gets ready for AIDA's imminent attack. Coulson and LMD May run into her, but she easily bests them. They wake up locked in a room with no way out. While trying to get the two out, Fitz tells Holden that he thinks that AIDA is starting to feel like a human. Mack and Yo-yo try to defend the base as AIDA begins to wreck havoc looking for the Darkhold. Using LMD May, AIDA is able to find out from Coulson, where the Darkhold is being hidden. Fitz and Holden get the power back on then confront AIDA. She shows remorse for what she had done and is then decapitated by Mack. While Fitz mourns AIDA, Holden is revealed to the mastermind of the plan to steal the Darkhold. He tells AIDA that he plans to have LMD May steal is for them.Ellen has the Watchdogs get rid of Vijay's body and they throw him into the ocean. When he hits the ocean floor he is encased in another Terrigen cocoon.

New Characters/Cameos:

Vijay Nadeer: Ellen's brother who had been trapped in the Terrigen encasing until he was freed by Jemma. Initially he displayed no powers after being freed, but after being attacked by the Watchdogs, he appeared to have some form of teleportation. He was able to evade the Watchdogs attacks with what looked like superspeed. After he was shot dead by his sister and dropped to the bottom of the ocean, his body covered itself with another Terrigen encasing.

Notable Character Interactions:

Team Coulson: Just when we thought that the gang was back together. At least May isn't a straight up baddie. We feel bad for to be honest, but we feel even more so for the real May. It was nice to see everyone back and working together to stop AIDA from getting her hands on the Darkhold, but it looks like things are about to get even more complicated in the episodes ahead. We wonder if everyone will eventually have to face off against an LMD of themselves. That would be a way to end the season.

Daisy, Jemma and Mace: After a brief argument over 's past mistakes, Mace figured it was time to put all of that behind them if they were to be a team. The three went to go save Vijay and Jemma proved that even though she didn't have the powers the other two had, she could definitely hang. It sucks that they sort of failed what they set out to do, but Vijay will turn up again soon. They made a pretty kick ass team though.

Fitz, AIDA, May and Holden: We loved how she kept calling Fitz, Leopold. Fitz realized that after she had read the , AIDA had begun to act more like a human. Holden felt that everything going down with her was his fault because of his ambition to make the perfect android. It turns out that the bastard is kind of the villain of the story and orchestrated everything AIDA did so that he could get the Darkhold. Fitz is going to be pretty crushed when he finds out that Holden hasn't really let go of his bad habits.

Mack and Yo-yo: We have FitzSimmons and now we have Malena! Their scenes together were adorable and hilarious. They both made little quips throughout the episode of how dumb smart people were for making killer robots. As long as the relationship doesn't completely take over their arc on the show, we are all for them being together.

Ellen and Vijay: She's cold. We get that she doesn't like Inhumans or anything that isn't from the earth, but how could she kill her own brother. We thought she was going to spare him up until they got onto the helicopter. We are guessing it is going to be an awkward family reunion since he didn't die.

The Action/Favorite Scenes:

These will be edited and added a little later!

Easter Eggs:

: Vijay looked what had to be superspeed, but we are thinking that it is more along the lines of spatial teleportation after looking at the effects it had on his body. A character in the Universe who has this power is Manifold. In the third season the character Eden Fesi (who is known as Manifold) was referenced, but we never actually saw him. We are thinking that the show may not have been able to gain the full rights of the character, so they went ahead and made Vijay. Same sort of powers, but a whole different back story.

: The team talked about getting the book to someone who could use magic to lock it away. Please for the love of the Marvel Gods, can we at least get a shot of Coulson handing the Darkhold over to a silhouette of Dr. Strange!

: Mace mentioned that Ellen used Cloak and Dagger methods. Not just a nod to the comics but the TV show they are about to make on Freeform. The only question is: WHY ON FREEFORM?!?!?!?!

What's To Come/Theories:

In the previews for next episode titled "The Patriot" and Mack find out a shocking secret about Mace which puts Shield in a precarious position. When are they ever not in a precarious position. It will be interesting to see the origins and how became the . Also, we wonder how long it will take the team to figure out that Holden is a scheming rat and is trying to get hold of the Darkhold for god knows what. We wish that the story hadn't ended where it did but he will come back eventually. What we also saw in the preview as the real May waking up and AIDA strangling the crap out of her. Holden is also shown yelling at her for doing so which was a bit confusing. Then we have Vijay. He turned out to have some sort of teleportation/enhanced reflex abilities that allowed him to fight against the Watchdogs. Sure it was cool, but we were a bit upset to see him gunned down by his own sister. But wait! It turns out that he may have a couple of other abilities after being covered in the Terrigen cocoon which we can assume will heal or resurrect him. After looking at various heroes in the Universe we are going to theorize that Vijay is the version of Manifold. If you want more info on who that it, read above in the . To make a long story short. he's pretty damn OP. The season has been pretty good so far, and we can not wait to see what happens next. We also hope that it gets renewed for a fifth season! Keeping our fingers crossed

Final Thoughts:

Even though we are going to miss Robbie Reyes, we have a feeling that he will be back sooner than later. We knew the show would get back to it's scientific roots from the supernatural, but at least the story line has come back with a bang. The story dragged on for a bit the last two seasons and it did have it's high points. We just hope to see them continue to tell a good story without having the force the Inhuman agenda into it if they don't have too. Plus, we are getting closer to the Royal Family of soon and we hope that will be able to crossover at some point. We give "Broken Promises" 9 's out of 10! What did you think about the episode? Leave it in the comments below, we would love to read them! See you in the next one!

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