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The Story:

Mace reintroduces Daisy to the public at a rally in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. She is thanked for her good deeds while the rest of the team keeps watch. A sniper attempts to assassinate , so the team jumps into action. is able to stop the sniper and they head back to the . General Talbot arrives first, ordering and May to find out who was behind the attack. Back at Holden's house, collects everything relating to . He tells Holden that for the time being, he is not allowed to set foot at the Playground. Holden tells AIDA that their plan has changed and that things are going to get difficult. While interrogating the shooter, Daisy and LMD May find out that the attack was only the first phase of his groups' plans. The carrying Coulson, Mace and Mack is attacked, resulting in the death of Agent Burrows and McCafferty. The Quinjet crashes, leaving the three to find a way to safety. Back at Holden's house, he and AIDA reveal May to be under a sedative. Holden scolds AIDA for killing Agent Nathanson and tells her not to do it again. Daisy, Jemma, LMD May and Talbot work together to help find the trio after getting their distress signal which is being jammed. Mace tells Coulson and Mack that Burrows may still be alive, but more importantly they need to get hold of the briefcase he was carrying. Fitz arrives back at the Playground and asks Jemma to help him find what went wrong with AIDA using her severed head. She tells him to drop it and to focus on finding their friends. May suddenly awakens and breaks free of her restraints. She is then attacked by AIDA who Holden yells at to stop. Holden tries to sedate her but fails when she fights back. AIDA easily stops her and is able to do it herself. While sitting in Lola, LMD May tells Daisy that she feels like something is off. They arrive at the crash site and go to look for the trio. Mace, Coulson and Mack find Watchdogs around Burrow's body then watch them cut off his arm to take the case. Mack and take out some of the men while Mace retrieves the case. Talbot continues to interrogate the man when Jemma finds out that he is hiding something from them. She asks him about the file called Project which she had gained access to. It is then revealed that the case Mace always carries with him contains a serum that gives him his powers and that he is not an . Coulson and Mack question him with Mace revealing that Talbot was behind it. Jemma and Fitz scold Talbot for creating the enhancement derived from Daisy's father's serum. She uses AIDA's head to scare the man into telling them that he was hired by the Watchdogs. They then let Daisy and May know what is going on so that they can save the rest of the team. Coulson has Mace suit up and has him trick the Watchdogs into thinking he has the cure for . Under the impression that he still has his powers, the Watchdogs are distracted long enough for Mack to flank them. They hold out long enough for Daisy and May to show up. Back at Holden's, he realizes that May broke out of her sedation because she thrives on chaos, not tranquility. At the Playground Fitz then talks to the severed head of AIDA and promises to find out what really happened to her, before Jemma walks in. Coulson argues with Talbot, who tries to defend Project Patriot. Mace talks to Coulson and confesses that everything about him being a hero was a sham. He tells him that when Talbot offered him a chance to be like , he took it. He then tells Coulson that he is going to resign but Coulson refuses. He tells Mace to continue to be the face of Shield, but in turn, he would now be running the operations. May hides the wounds she received from fighting the Watchdogs, from Daisy.

Notable Character Interactions:

Team Shield: The gang is back together, well for the most part. After seeing them struggle to find their way back to one another in the first half of the season, it was pretty epic to see them kicking ass again. Also, after seeing them all HAVE to take orders from the higher ups this season, the team finally regained control over their operation. They run the show again!

Coulson, Mack and Mace: the two have been on the fence about the Mace since he became Director and they were right. He was a fraud. They were pretty disappointed after learning that he was getting his superhuman strength and durability from a serum. my ass. Good old Coulson took control over the situation, keeping them safe until Daisy and LMD May wrecked shop. Instead of letting Macestep down, he let Captain Americant stay Director, but made sure he knew who was boss.

and LMD May: We missed these two having their mother/daughter talks. Too bad this isn't really May. Daisy should have noticed. LMD May is way nicer than the real one. Even though they kicked some major ass together this episode, were thinking that they'll be kicking each other's asses once the truth gets out.

Holden, May and AIDA: Fitz is going to be pissed. While we've been rooting for the guy to stay on the good side, we guess old habits die hard. He's got an end game and even though we know it can't be good, he seems to not want to let anyone get hurt along the way. Which makes it hard to truly be made at him. He sort of saved May from being killed by AIDA but then again he is the reason she is there in the first place. Hopefully May gives them a thorough ass whooping when she makes her next attempt to escape.

Jemma, Fitz and Talbot: These two love birds have come a long way. They are usually the ones who do what they were told, so it was so satisfying to see them stand up to Talbot. They even called him an idiot. They even impressed the guy by using some extreme scare tatics to get the Watchdog lackey to talk. The only thing moving forward is how Fitz's obsession with finding out what happened to AiDA will affect his relationship with Jemma and the team.

Coulson and Talbot: Once a jackass, always a jackass. One does not simply try to make another Captain America. Coulson owned Talbot by telling him that in the end it nearly compromised Shield and even got Mace to side with him.

The Action/Favorite Scenes:

These will be added soon!

Easter Eggs:

Patriot: The title of the episode refers to Mace's superhero name.

References: Jemma and Fitz mentioned Dr. Eskrine and for those of you who don't recognize the name well watch the first Cap movie.

"I can go toe to toe all day"-Mace

"I can do this all day"- Steve Rogers

The scene where Coulson saves Mace in his Patriot Uniform using the Holographic Shield is similar to when Bucky shielded Cap in Civil we at his apartment.

What's To Come/Theories:

In the previews for next week's episode titled "Wake Up" May races to find the truth about what happened to her, while ’s next move could mean the death of them all. The team find out that there is a mole feeding Nadeer information and try to figure out who it is. We've also got the return of Yo-yo which is always awesome since her and Mack are hilarious together. With back to calling the shots, it's definitely time to get the team back in shape as they have yet to feel the true wrath of AIDA. Watchdogs and Nadeer at this point don't really stand much of a chance. Also seen in the preview is Jemma scolding Fitz for his obsession with finding out what really happened to AIDA. If May isn't able to escape on her own, then Fitz will be the only hope they have to save May. Maybe Vijay will pop his head up again soon so that he can help the team kick some ass and save the day.

Final Thoughts:

This was one of the more meatier episodes we've gotten on in a while. We finally got to the truth of Mace's origins leading to him becoming the . We definitely see why he acts the way he does and we definitely feel for the guy. It was a valiant effort, but man would be disappointed. It was amazing to finally see Coulson calling the shots again. Now all we need is for him to cameo across all the future projects to tie everyone together. The story is interesting for sure and we can't wait to figure out what their end game is! We give "The Patriot" 10 Holographic Shields out of 10! What did you think about the episode? Leave it in the comments below, we would love to read them!

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