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The Story:

Kara continues to fight crime in National City and is annoyed at the fact she is constantly running into the Guardian. She takes out a van filled with armed gunmen while Guardian and Winn apprehend the rest of the men. When she gets back to the DEO, Kara tells Alex that she is starting to get bored at the lack of challenges she is facing as Supergirl. Alex continues to date Maggie and their relationship seems to be going well. While talking to Snapper, Kara and Jimmy are divided on the Guardians antics. A woman then appears and asks Kara for help in finding her missing daughter. Kara promises to help her much to the dismay of Snapper. She goes to the alien bar where she finds Mon-El working as a bartender. He tells her to be careful in her mission in finding the girl before she meets with Maggie. Maggie tells Kara that there has been an increase in missing persons cases and they try to figure out who is responsible. Roulette is then revealed to be abducting the people and seconding them through a portal to an unknown location. Back at the DEO, Kara asks Winn to help with the missing persons case and notices his injury. She asks him what happen and he says he was mugged. He gives her the location where the missing girl Izzy Williams was last seen. Mon-El accompanies her to a clinic where they meet the Doctor who is working for Roulette. She asks about Izzy and a fight erupts .They easily subdue the guards, then chase the Doctor, revealed to be an alien, into the portal. They are able to defeat him, but Kara is injured due to the red sun removing her powers. Mon-El tells Kara that they are on the planet called Maaldoria. The portal closes and they begin to argue over their predicament. Kara remains adamant in saving the missing people, while Mon-El wants to save themselves. They are captured by Maaldorian guards after Mon-El is caught in a vice. They befriend an alien named Joe who tells them that he saw Izzy. Kara decides to turn themselves into the Maaldorians. Kara and Mon-El find Izzy along with the other missing people. She promises to save them when Roulette reveals herself. Roulette tells them that they have been sold to a Dominator. Kara refuses to give up and stands up to the alien henchmen. Back at the DEO, Winn lashes out at Jimmy for putting him in danger. He refuses to help him anymore, when Alex walks in. She tells them that she hasn't heard from Kara and is worried. J'onn tells them that they went through a trans matter portal, which is a gateway between worlds. J'onn reveals that he can not join Alex in saving Kara as the air is toxic to Martians on Maaldoria. Alex asks Winn to help her save Kara and Mon-El. Despite his initial reluctance, Alex convinces him to man up to save Kara. Mon-El and the rest of the prisoners help Kara fight off the Maaldorians. They have Roulette and the Doctor locked up, then look for a way out. Alex, Winn along with a few other agents come through the portal and search for the two. The Dominator tells the aliens not to harm Mon-El. Alex finds Kara, Mon-El and the prisoners, whom she leads to the portal, which Winn has kept open. A large spaceship appears and the Maldoria forces approach them, so Alex throws a yellow sun grenade at Kara. With her powers back, Kara defeats the rest of the Maaldorians. They all go through the portal along with Joe. The team is happily reunited and Kara brings Izzy back to her mom. At CatCo, Kara gives Snapper the story she wrote on Slavers Moon and tells him that she will continue to write stories she believes matter. Winn tells Jimmy that he will continue to help him after his otherworldly experience. Back at her apartment, Alex apologizes to Maggie for giving her the cold shoulders. Maggie tells her that she knows that Supergirl is Kara and understands that she was only looking out for her sister. Mon-El arrives at Kara's place and apologizes for his selfishness. He then tells her that he wants to be a superhero like her. The hooded woman piloting the ship, looking for Mon-El find the Doctor. He tells them that he escape and then they kill him.

New Characters/Cameos:

Roulette: She seems to be starting all sorts of trouble across the galaxy. It wasn't enough for her to conduct human trafficking on Earth, she had do it on another planet. It's always a joy to see her though and I'm sure we will see her again.

Izzy Williams: The missing daughter of a woman. Not much back story on her, other than the fact that she was taken along with other humans. For those of you who don't know, she is Kevin Smith's daughter and he directed the episode.

Notable Character Interactions:

Team Supergirl: J'onn mentioned that he couldn't come along due to the air being toxic to Martians. That was code for "There's not enough in the budget". He did end up helping by giving Alex a yellow sun grenade which gave Kara her powers back, long enough to help them fight the Maaldorians off. They finally got Winn out on the field with them, so we guess they'll have Joe take a desk?!

Kara and Mon-El: We ship it. But before they go ahead and do that, they've got some things to work through. We finally understand why Mon-El has been acting like a spoiled Prince. That's because he is. She doesn't know that yet, but eventually she will. Mon-El finally learned what being a hero really meant when he saw a powerless Kara try to take on the super powered aliens. He realized that he wanted to be a superhero just like her and we can't wait to see that unfold.

Kara and Alex: After all that drama the last few episodes before the break, the sisters have finally found their happy place. Well a Happy as they could possibly be. Kara admitted that she was in a bit of a funk because let's face it.... Nothing could top the crossover she was apart of with , , . You would think with all the concern she had with Kara not contacting her for a few hours, she would ask what went down in the "LegendaryFlarrowverse". Oh well, another time.

Kara, Jimmy and Snapper: We loved the interaction between the three. Jimmy arguing with Kara about Guardian with Snapper caught in the middle. He is just so miserable all the time it's hilarious. The one thing that separates him from Cat Grant is that Kara isn't afraid to snap back at him. It looks like he's got a soft spot for her though. He silently congratulated her on sticking with her gut when writing the story of the Maaldorian trafficking scheme.

Alex and Maggie: We ship it. They are absolutely great together. We hope they go the distance. We know there is going to be drama, but we hope it doesn't take over the show. Let these two's biggest problems be the overpowered villains they fight and not be their relationship. And of course she knew Kara was Supergirl. She met her at the alien bar earlier on in the episode.

Alex, J'onn and Winn: Talk about having to man up. When the Martian Manhunter and Alex Danvers tell you to grow a pair you do it. When they tell you to suit up and travel to a planet millions of miles away in an unknown galaxy you do it. Winn went from getting his ass kicked by a simple thug, to beating the crap out of an alien. That's some serious growth right there.

Winn and Jimmy: His outburst on Jimmy was sort of justified. We get that he is better on the computer than put in the field, but he needed to take a leap at some point. We're hoping that this turns into a Static Shock/Gear type partnership. He could still be the tech guy, but he could get put on the field sometimes. Star Spangle Kid/ Starman anyone?!

The Action/Favorite Scenes:

These will be added later!

Easter Eggs:

: The episode's title is a reference to the unproduced movie . The episode's director, , wrote the original screenplay for the film.

DCTV Crossover Reference: One of the Earth-38 Dominators can be seen when Supergirl, Mon-El, and the rest of the humans are captured. Kara mentions that she hates the Dominators, indirectly referencing the 4-night crossover event, in which she went to Earth-1.

Thanagarian: Mon--El recognized that the tech being used on him was Thanagarian.

Maaldoria/Slavers Moon: Kara and Mon'El Adventure on Maaldoria is a nod to the DC Comics Presents Vol 1 #56 titled "Death In A Dark Dimension". In the comic, and are teleported to a universe conquered by a villain named Maaldor, who forces them to compete in gladiatorial games or see the people of that universe destroyed.

Grife: Mon-El said this word While talking to the alien Doctor. It is word from the Legion of Super Heroes comics. Used mainly as a substitute for religious imprecations, such as "God" or "Damn". Also used as a variant spelling for "grief" in the sense of "hard time".

Star Spangled Kid/Starman: Winn mentioned that while Guardian protected the streets, Agent Schott protected the stars. Could he be foreshadowing his rise to becoming his own superhero.

What's To Come/Theories:

In the preview for next weeks episode titled "We Can Be Heroes" Livewire breaks out of prison, prompting Kara to recapture her. After training Mon-El, Kara takes him with her when she sees Livewire attack the NCPD but things go south when Mon-El puts Kara before the citizens of National City. Meanwhile, James decides to come clean with Kara and M’gann has a psychic attack and collapses into a coma. So it was only a meter of time before crap hit the fan again. Let's jump into some theories. The obvious secret Mon-El is keeping from Kara is that HE is THE Prince of Daxam. The sort of bowed to him this episode and reiterated the fact that Mon-El was not to be harmed. This will most likely put a bit of a damper on their budding relationship. As far as what those hooded women want. They are probably who want Mon-El to procreate. It would practically be season one it's Daxamites. Then we can pretty much expect a huge rift to come between Kara and Jimmy when he tells her about the Guardian. This is where Jimmy will try to redeem himself by trying to find Jeremy and save him from Cadmus. Not without things going horribly wrong though. Lots to look forward to with the rest of the season, especially the musical crossover between this show and .

Final Thoughts:

The only thing this episode needed more of was J'onn J'onnz but hopefully they are saving an awesome story for him in the future. We love that they are starting to explore other worlds and while we are scratching our heads as to how humans were able to breath in a galaxy far, far away, it was still awesome. Seeing Winn getting in on the action was amazing and we can't wait to see more of that. We would have also loved to see the story with develop more, but we're sure to see her again in the future. They also set up in his journey to become the superhero "Valor" and we can't wait to see him kick ass with . Throw in and we are sold. We give 10 pockets full of sunshine out of 10! killed it once again with another / show! What did you think about the episode? Leave it in the comments below, we would love to read them! See you in the next one!

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