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The Story:

An alien family is pulled over by a cop who tells them that their tail light is broken. He offers to help them but they are ambushed by agents and taken. Team add it on as the 20th alien abduction since Jeremiah had taken the National Alien Registry. Kara tells the team that she will write an article for CatCo to warn all the aliens about the abductions so that they can defend themselves. She talks to Snapper who agrees to run the story if he gets to interview . At the alien dive bar, Alex tells Maggie about Jeremiah and how she is worried that he may get caught in the crossfire. While Winn is introducing Lyra to Jimmy, the bar is attacked by the same agents. Alex and Maggie fight back and chase after them when they abduct Lyra. One of the agents gets the upper hand on Alex and holds her at gun point. She is saved by the Guardian, but Lyra is taken. Back at the DEO, Winn becomes hysterical but Mon-El calms him down. Alex interrogates the man they captured and savagely beats him. J'onn stops her before she kills the man and proposes that they all take a breather. At CatCo, Kara sets up the interview between and Snapper. Snapper tries to get her to tell him who her source is, but she doesn't give up the DEO. After leaves, Snapper tells Kara that if he can't find out who reported the theft of the Registry, they can not run the story. Jeremiah surprises Alex and asks for her help. He tells her that he can stop Cadmus from slaughtering all the aliens, so long as she follow his instructions. Jeremiah shape shifts into J'onn, who tells Alex that he was testing her. He suspends her from the DEO as her love for her father may cloud her judgement. Alex asks Kara to help explain her case to J'onn, but she agrees that she should sit on the sidelines. Kara promises that nothing will happen to Jeremiah and as she leaves, Maggie tells Alex she is going to help her. Lena visits Kara at CatCo and offers to help her get the message out there through blogging. Alex and Maggie save an alien named Brian and get a lead on where the Cadmus facility is. At L Corp, Lena shows Kara more information that can help Team to the Cadmus facility. One of her employees is revealed to be a mole for Lillian and is tasked to harm Lena. Alex arrives at the Cadmus facility and takes out many of the agents. Jeremiah shows up and tells them not to hurt her. He scolds her for following him there. He reveals that he plans to deport the aliens so that Lillian's plan of killing them is foiled. Alex is heartbroken that her father had a hand in hurting so many alien families. He tells her that he only did so to protect her and Kara. Back at her apartment, Kara can not decide whether or not to post the blog. Mon-El convinces her to do what she believes is right, so she posts the article. Lena is attacked by Lillian's thugs during a phone conversation with Kara and is thrown off the L Corp balcony. saves her and defeats her attackers. Lena thanks her and tells her the location of the Cadmus facility. Lillian prepares to launch the ship and inputs the codes into the console. Alex sets off some of the explosives she planted throughout the facility and threatens to bring the whole place down if Lillian does not shut down the ship. Alex convince Jeremiah to help her and they corner Lillian after defeating her men. She tells them that she can not stop it so Alex rushes to stop the ship from launching. Jeremiah is taken by Hank Henshaw and Alex releases some of the aliens from their captivity. The ship begins to take flight so Alex takes the wheel. She calls the team and they try to guide her in landing it. Meanwhile, Jeremiah battles and seemingly loses. Kara shows up just in time to help slow it down before it breaches the atmosphere. With maximum effort she is able to stop the ship from taking off to another galaxy at light speed. The next day, Win is reunited with Lyra at the alien dive bar while Jimmy looks on. Kara arrives at CatCo and finds her belongings packed. Snapper tells her that although she was right about Cadmus, there are rules. He fires her due to her blog, but tells her that he was rooting for her. J'onn apologizes to Alex for putting her in danger despite his intentions to protect her. He then gives her hope that they will find Jeremiah and get him back. She then celebrates her victory with Maggie. Mon-El goes to Kara's apartment and tries to make her feel better. In space, aboard a large spaceship Mon-El's parents prepare to land on Earth.

New Characters/Cameos:

King and Queen of Daxam: Mon-El's parents. The hooded figures we saw earlier on in the season finally revealed themselves at the end of the episode.

Notable Character Interactions:

Team : They couldn't have taken on a more relatable threat this episode. The massive deportation of aliens, legal or not, is something similar to what we are seeing in real life unfortunately. At least Team Supergirl was able to stop that from happening though. Winn lashing out at Alex because of her father, with Mon-El and J'onn playing the mediators. Lots of emotional scenes between everyone though, with a good balance of ass kicking. We just wish that J'onn and Mon-El could have helped Kara in the final scene though. Alex got her sister through it though. That was pretty damn epic.

Kara and Alex: You can not stop the love between the Danvers. They will always prevail. Even though we're a little puzzled that Kara wasn't able to stop that ship faster (her comic book counterpart would have done it in a second) we get that it is cause story. Seeing Alex put all of her faith in her sister was a powerful moment and Kara giving it her all was epic.

Kara and Mon-El: Were part of the Karamel shippers, but they've got to tone it down just a bit with the mushy scenes between the two. They can happen, but this is a superhero show. All too often, shows get like this and that's what can hurt them. Their superheroes, so let them be superheroes. They've already got an awesome big bad, now let them face it together. Plus, when are going to see him suit up?

Kara and Snapper: Dude is hilarious. We sort of hate that he fired Kara, but we understand why he did. Watch her blog outsell the CatCo articles though. Share it would have been easier to tell him about Supergirl and the DEO, but we don't know what he would've done with the info. At least she knows that he believed in an extant.

Kara and Lena: If Kara wasn't with Mon-El, we would be all for them being together. Their friendship is great to watch blossom. Sure Lena has done some pretty questionable things, but in the end she's helped Kara and Supergirl take down her mother multiple times. They will probably be enemies by the end of the series, but we will enjoy seeing their friendship for the time being.

Alex and Jeremiah: So it turns out that Jeremiah hasn't gone full baddie. He planned to deport the aliens instead of letting Lillian kill them. Sure it would have saved their lives, but at the same time it would have ruined them. He was between a rock and a hard place. It took Alex to convince him to fight for what was right and they turned the tables on Cadmus. He redeemed himself for his daughter and we hope that he will be reunited with his family in the future.

Alex and J'onn: No one could replace Jeremiah as her and Kara's father, but J'onn is damn close to it. She lost Jeremiah yet again and needed him to comfort her at the end. We knew that the only reason why he didn't want Alex to get involved was because he wanted to keep her safe. Naturally Alex went ahead and nearly got herself killed, but at least she made it out. That hug though.

Alex and Maggie: They kick some serious ass together. This is what we want to see Kara and Mon-El do. They didn't need superpowers to get to the Cadmus base and save Jeremiah. We understand why Maggie didn't go with her there, but she did help.

Winn, Jimmy and Lyra: Jimmy has been the third wheel in a lot of aspect on the show lately. It was nice to see him and the Guardian make an appearance. Winn and Lyra are adorable and we can't wait to see them go on some adventures together. Maybe Jimmy can join too.

The Action:

These will be added later!

Easter Eggs:

24K Magic: The family singing along at the beginning was hilarious. Even aliens can't deny that has a voice that is out of this world.

Fake News: The fact that Snapper said this was just so fitting with the world we live in now.

Dune: Apparently Winn made Lyra watch the movie while explaining it to Jimmy.

: Lillian said that Jeremiah is the only Superman they needed. If you don't get the reference we' we are. The only thing that would have made that even more awesome is if Teri Hatcher had said that.

What's To Come/Theories:

In the preview for the next episode titled "Star-Crossed" A new villain comes to National City, putting Supergirl on high alert. Meanwhile, Winn’s girlfriend, Lyra, gets Winn in trouble with the law. Maggie attempts to help Winn but old loyalties get in the way. The Music Meister then attacks Supergirl. The crossover with is happening soon and we can not wait. Hey if can do it, they can do it. Plus, it will make sense with the characters involved. Before all that happens though, we've got Mon-El's parent arriving on Earth. This is definitely going to be an awkward family dinner. Our guess is that Mon-El will tell them where to stick it and that he will be staying with Kara. He is of course going to be in the crossover episode with J'onn and Winn so his parents won't be taking him away anytime soon. Maybe after the crossover though. A fight is going to happen, that's for sure. Then we have the whole Cadmus story. Hopefully we get to see Jeremiah again and hopefully the team save him. The season has been solid as hell so we hope that it finishes with a bang! Maybe they could set up the or the .

Final Thoughts:

gave us another solid episode this week. Alex really got her chance to shine and we got another bad ass moment with Kara stopping the large alien ship. We are just wondering why they refuse to let J'onn or Mon-El help her during those times? Oh well, the episode was still awesome! We give "Exodus" 10 Thumbs up for Kara's blog out of 10! What do you think about the episode? Leave it in the comments below, we would live to read them!

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