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The Story:

The team continue to grieve of Wally's disappearance. Barry tells Cisco to ready the breach room as he plans to save Wally in the . HR proposes that create something to anchor Barry just in case things go south. Jesse asks to come along, but Barry tells her to stay and protect the city while he is gone. Barry promises Iris that he will bring Wally back and asks if he lost her. She doesn't say anything and she walks away. Barry tells Joe that Iris called off the engagement and blames himself for changing the timeline one too many times. Cisco, Caitlin and Julian develop an electro halo that will bring him back to their world should he get lost in the . He says his goodbyes to everyone and Cisco takes them into the . Barry is left alone and he finds himself at the CCPD. He runs into Eddie Thawne who asks why he is there. Barry tells him that he came to save Wally and asks Eddie where he is. Eddie tells him that Wally is trapped in a prison within the SpeedForce and that it has changed since he has last been there. Eddie tells Barry that he must be ready to spend an eternity in the Speed Force to save Wally. Back in the real world, Jesse asks Cisco to find Savitar using the blade Barry had phased off. Cisco warns her not to go after Savitar until Barry returns. Iris shows Joe the article with the different byline and tells him how scared she is of dying. Joe tells his daughter not to worry and that everything will be fine. Eddie shows Barry the consequences of his tampering with the timeline and asks if he has any other reason to be there. He tells Barry that if his only reason is to save Wally then he just needs to go through the door. Time Wraiths appear and try to captured Barry, but he fights back. He is then able to evade them and get away. Barry arrives at Star Labs and finds Caitlin singing a lullaby to a baby. Ronnie walks in revealing that it is his and Caitlin's, then tells Barry that they need to talk. Jesse continues to grow frustrated as the team struggle to figure out where Savitar is. HR, Caitlin, Cisco and Julian agree that they shouldn't do anything until Barry comes back. HR tries to stop her from doing something stupid, but she tells him to stay out of the way. Barry tells Ronnie that he wants to sacrifice himself for Wally, but the latter won't allow it. Barry refuses to leave without Wally and is then attacked by the . He puts up a fight, but is ultimately defeated. The team panic as Barry's suit telemetry goes on the fritz. Ronnie tells Barry that the only way to save Wally is to set himself free from the real world. He destroys the electro halo by exploding the Black Flash with it. Cisco tells them that the device tethering him to their world has been destroyed. Barry wakes up at the Central City General Hospital and finds Wally looking over an empty bed. He calls out to him and is then attacked by Captain Cold. Jesse retrieves the shard and goes to find Savitar. She knocks HR unconscious when he tries to stop her. Snart tells Barry that Wally is relieving his mother's death over and over. Snart again reiterates what the other Speed Force apparitions had said before attacking him. appears and saves Barry. He tells Barry that Cisco came to him after Barry's connection to the team was severed. Jesse uses the shard to lead her to Savitar, who she finds. She tries to throw lightning at him, but he redirects it at her. HR helps her find his weakness and she wounds Savitar with the shard. Barry and Jay fight Snart before saving Wally. Jay stays behind as the prisoner in the Speed Force and tells Barry to stop Savitar for good. He gives Barry his helmet Cisco modded to pull them out. Cisco keeps the breach open long enough for the two to get back. Barry tells them all that Jay sacrificed himself for him and Wally. They all share a bittersweet reunion with one another. He tells them that Eddie, Ronnie and Snart all tried to teach him a lesson: That he must defeat Savitar himself. He tells them that Wally should stay on the sidelines after what he had seen in the Speed Force. Jesse tells Wally that she is going to Earth 3 to protect it while Jay is gone. They confess their love for each other and share a kiss. She thanks everyone and says her goodbyes before leaving. HR tells the team that Savitar can be hurt and that he is just a man. Barry returns home and talks to Iris about all the tragedies he has faced. He tells her that although he loves her, he proposed to her out of fear. He tells her that he will save her by embracing the future instead of changing it, then breaks up with her. She leaves heartbroken and Barry is left crushed.

Notable Character Interactions:

Team Flash: Everybody got their time to shine this episode. Barry went into the Speed Force to save Wally. Caitlin, Cisco and Julian worked together to make sure he would make it back alive. While Joe, Jesse and Iris protected . Let's be real though, they wouldn't have been able to handle Savitar without Barry. There was a lot a stake and we couldn't help but feel that someone was going to die at some point. It was smart of Cisco to recruit Jay to help them save Wally and Barry. No deaths, but was that a big sacrifice on Jay's behalf. Now that Wally's back, they're going to have to find a way to save him....AGAIN!

Barry and Iris: Why? Just why? We get that Iris wants Barry to propose the right way and not out of fear. But why did they have to break up. The last half of the second season up until this point, they worked hard to get to where they are. Just to end it like that. He wants to save her. That's fine, but did he ever stop to think that maybe this is another choice that will lead up to Iris's death. Face palm. They're end game, but if they need a break, then let them have their break.

Barry and Joe: He wasn't about to let his other son get lost in the Speed Force. Being Joe West is just as hard as being . He's a man who wants to protect all his kids, but is limited to what he can do. He couldn't even save Barry and Iris's engagement. At least he had all his kids safe and back together at the end. For now that is.

Barry and the Speed Force: We got the return of Eddie, Ronnie and Snart via Speed Force apparitions. They all reminded Barry how much he messed up by changing the timeline and that he needed to pay for it. That's what this whole season has been about and even though Barry has said that he knows he messed up, he needed a reminder. Seeing the was pretty surprising, but seeing Barry actually fight him and the Time Wraiths was epic.

Barry, Wally and Jay Garrick: Barry going to save Wally was dangerous, but he didn't care. He fought off everything just to get to him. He was even willing to replace him as the prisoner in the Speed a Force. The more experienced speedster had to save Barry's ass yet again. Even after his lecture of not screwing with time, Jay knew Barry wouldn't listen. Just as they were about to leave, Jay made the ultimate sacrifice himself. It was a heartwarming, yet sad moment. Barry better come back to save him.

HR, Cisco, Julian, Caitlin, Jesse and Savitar: They told her not face Savitar on her own, but disregarded their warnings anyways. Harry's not around and obviously still makes stupid decisions. HR stepped up to be act like father figure to her. He tried to stop her from getting herself killed, but the kid just wouldn't listen. After getting his ass kicked, he guided her through her fight with Savitar. Which she actually won. We calla "cause story" moment there. It was still badass though. What exactly did Savitar mean when he told Jesse that he had plans for her in the future though?

Joe and Iris: When you're feeling down, you know the people you can count on are your parents. Iris was doubting her relationship with Barry and Joe had to lay down some advice for her. He reminded her again about how much Barry loved her and how he was going to save her.

Jesse and Wally: Talk about star crossed lovers. She came back to Earth 1 to be with him and it only took an episode or two for her to leave again. It's pretty respectable that she took it upon herself to protect Earth 3 while Jay was gone. Ah, young love.

The Action:

These will be added later!

Easter Eggs:

: To Infinity and Beyond. Cisco with the references.

: Even HR had to correct Jesse when she referenced them.

: What a good analogy. We will never see Savitar the same way again.

: Snart made a reference to Jay being in his Golden Age. Jay Garrick is of the Golden age in DC Comics for those of you who do not know.

What's To Come/Theories:

In the previews for next week's "Duet" are surprised when Mon-El and J'onn Jonnz arrive on their Earth carrying a comatose who was whammied by the . Unable to wake her up, they turn to and the team to save her. However, the Music Meister surprises The Flash and puts him in a similar coma, one that Team Flash can’t cure. Kara and Barry wake up without their powers in an alternate reality where life is like a musical and the only way to escape is by following the script, complete with singing and dancing, to the end. We can't wait to see Barry, Kara, Cisco, Winn, Joe, Stein and Malcolm sing. While the rest of take on Music Meister with Mon-El and J'onn J'onnz. There is just so much to be excited for. As for the Savitar storyline: Barry is going to have to stop him by himself. The people we suspect Savitar to be are: Future Barry, Eddie, or (probably not) Wally. You guys can find the reasons on our last couple of articles of the show. We hope that the season ends with Savitar with his own little team, going against Team Flash, Gypsy and Accelerated Man. Also, the vibe Cisco had of him and Caitlin fighting will probably round out the season as them just having a sparring session. Watch. All in all, we hope they all combined their powers to send Savitar to the end of time. Even though Barry is supposed to face him alone, we can dream and hope that the team will help him. Who knows, maybe HR will sacrifice himself to save the team in the end. That way they keep the tradition of bringing in another version of Wells next season. Maybe a version that is Johnny Quick or Max Mercury. Just a thought!

Final Thoughts:

This is we've been missing. More action and the perfect amount of drama. Also, more of Barry stepping up and relying less on the team to get him out of situations. We liked that they also had other problems to deal with while he was out there trying to right his wrongs. The return of Eddie, Ronnie and Snart was great. As well as Jay Garrick, even though it ended on a sad note on his end. Moving forward, we hope Barry will step up and save the day for this is his battle. Also, he better save Jay or we will be pissed. We give "Into the Speed Force" 10 Speed Force Apparitions out of 10! What did you think about the episode? Leave it in the comments below, we would love to read them!

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