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The Story:

Everyone on continue to worry about Iris's impending death at the hands of . Cisco gets a text from Felicity telling him she hasn't her anything from Lyla yet while Joe comforts a sad Wally at their house. Iris asks Barry to get her caviar and while he is gone she records a video message for him. Cisco gets in contact with Lyla and takes Barry with him to see her. They meet her at the Argus Facility and ask her to help them save Iris. The power source needed to work the "Speedforce" Bazooka is in the form of tech Argus has guarding which Lyla can't give them. Back at , Barry proposes that he phase in and out as . Cisco tells him that Argus made sure to lace the entire building with power dampeners so that even he couldn't break in. With time running out, Barry travels to 1892 Siberia to recruit to help him steal the tech. Snart doesn't feel like helping him since he is on a mission with the at the moment.

Snart is about to board the when Barry begs him to help. He tells Snart that Iris will die if he doesn't and is desperate. He brings him back to the current time and the team scold him for possibly changing timeline again. At a remote location, Savitar repairs his suit while Caitlin watches. Caitlin casts doubt into his mind as she doesn't believe that he would kill Iris. He tells her that he needs to in order for him to be born. Savitar questions Caitlin's loyalty, when he sees Barry meeting with Snart. He immediately realizes that the team plan to use the Speed Bazooka to take him out, but let's them try anyways. Back at the lab, Snart tells Barry that it is his way or no way. Barry tells Joe to keep Iris away from him and as far as possible until Savitar is dealt with. Tracy is finally let in on Barry's secret identity before getting back to work with HR. Barry and Iris say their goodbyes before sharing a kiss. Wally and Joe bring Iris to Earth 2, with Harry expecting them.

Using HR's holographic face tech, Barry disguises himself as Lyla to break him and Snart into Argus. They are forced to take out the guards when they fail to show them her credentials. After, they make it to the cell containing the Dominator tech, but find King Shark guarding it. Barry wants to kill King Shark with the cold gun, but Snart proposes a less hostile solution. He takes out part of the gun containing the absolute zero temperature which he hopes will put King Shark to sleep. It works and they proceed to steal the Dominator tech. A failsafe goes off and everything goes on lock down, resulting in Snart being trapped in the room. Meanwhile, on Earth 2, Joe and Iris reminisce about their memories before sharing a dance. Back on Earth 1 at Star Labs, HR invites Tracy to officially join before sharing a kiss.

Back at Argus, Barry refuses to leave Snart and asks Cisco for help. He manages to hack into the Argus mainframe, allowing Barry to save Snart just as he is attacked by King Shark. They are confronted by Lyla, who at first scolds them, but allows Barry to take the tech after seeing what he risked to save Snart. Barry returns Snart to the right time then thanks him before heading back to Star Labs. Savitar tricks the team into revealing where Iris is by dressing in suit. Cisco warns Barry, but Savitar has already made his way to Earth 2. Wally tries to fight him, but Savitar breaks his leg. Harry and Joe fire at him, but it proves useless. He emerges from his suit and takes Iris, despite Joe's pleas for Savitar to have a change of heart. Barry arrives too late as Savitar leaves with Iris in tow. With under an hour left the team head back to Earth 1. Wally blames himself for not doing enough, but Barry assures him that he did all he could. HR also apologizes for his mistake, but Barry forgives him. He makes sure the team don't tell him the whole plan so that Savitar won't know what will happen. HR confides in Cisco that he believes he is the reason Iris was taken. Cisco tells him that anyone of them could have made the same mistake. Cisco prepares to leave and tells HR to keep Star Labs safe. Cisco then has the same vibe of Caitlin preparing to duel him. Barry tells him to save Caitlin while he saves Iris.

Barry arrives at and waits for Savitar while Joe keeps watch from the rooftops. Barry uses the Speedforce Bazooka which seems to work for a minute. Savitar survives the blast and reveals he was protected by the Philosopher's Stone. The tragedy of Iris being killed plays out as the video clip she recorded is shown where she accepts Barry's hand in marriage. Barry cradles Iris's dying body while Joe cries on the rooftops. Meanwhile, Cisco meets Caitlin in the woods and their duel commences.

Notable Character Interactions:

vs : They tried. All of them gave it 110%, but Iris was destined to die. All the while they thought they could manipulate events to change the future when they really just help make it come true. We hate to say that it was all for nothin, but it kind of was. We thought that they had a shot when Barry obtained the power supply, but Savitar played Cisco, Tracy and especially HR. Wally, Joe and Harry did their best in defending Iris, but Savitar was just too powerful. Then Barry had to watch everything crumble before him as the Speedforce Bazooka proved to be no use. That scene just hurt watching with Barry holding her and Joe just crying on the roof. Damn. We'd like to think that it might not have been "Iris", but you can read down in the theories. Then we've got the whole Cisco vs Caitlin story. Hopefully he's able to get her to have a change of heart so that she can help stop Savitar. Thankfully they had some light hearted moments with the kiss between HR and Tracy. As well as the dance between Iris and Joe. We're also wondering where the hell Julian was throughout this.

Barry,Snart and Lyla: We miss the witty banter between the two. While Snart continues to maintain his tough exterior, him going along to help Barry just adds to the hero he really is. His smart comments about King Shark and his reaction when he was nearly eaten were hilarious. We will miss the guy and we're sure Barry will too. Lyla was pretty awesome too, even though she sort of put them through the ringer.

Caitlin and Savitar: Caitlin is still somewhere in somewhere. She questioned Savitar and she seemed to want to see the good left in him. Sure she said it in a sort of sarcastic manner, but we can see the old Caitlin just screaming to get out. We'll see next episode, whether or not she has a change of heart that pushes her to help the team again.

The Action:

These will be added later!

Easter Eggs:

Infantino Street: We've mentioned this before. This is a nod to one of the creators behind Barry Allen and the Rogues, Carmine Infantino.

Mission Improbable: We're wondering if Tom Cruise is in that one as well.

What Does It Take: The song Joe sang while dancing with Iris. Apparently is was one she loved to hear him sing growing up.

Character Nods: Cheetah, , . Please tell us exist in their world.

Fourth Wall Break & Shark Week: Snart made a comment about the King Shark VFX and how they couldn't make him visible when they entered the room. Very funny. Shark week: Even villains make time to watch Discovery channel. When King Shark loses his hand, Snart mentions he had a similar incident, referring to the events of the Legends episode "Left Behind".

When parting ways with Barry, Snart says "there are no strings on me." Those would later be his last words when he sacrificed himself to destroy the Oculus.

What's To Come/Theories:

In the previews for next week's "Finish Line" With nothing left to lose, Barry takes on Savitar in an epic conclusion to season three. Iris is gone. There's a theory that maybe HR or Julian replaced her using his holographic face changing device. The only thing is that we can't see Iris accepting anyone to die in her place, unless of course they forced her. Julian was also not present this episode so maybe it was him. However, HR is seen on the rooftops next episode crying so maybe Iris did die. Caitlin will probably change sides and help the team take down Savitar, but will go out on her own after, in fear that she may hurt them. She could be someone the team runs into next season, having to stop her from killing. In the fight with Savitar, hopefully we get the superspeed brawl that lasts most of the episode. The final bout between and the . Maybe with a super move with , , , and . With the world possibly ending, Barry maybe given one last get out of a messed up timeline card by the to return to the original timeline. Or maybe he gives himself up to the Speedforce in place of and to ensure that Savitar never exists. Couple of ways this could all go down, but they will probably be along those lines.

Final Thoughts:

We don't know how this will end. We won't get a happy ending and it's said that the season will end on a cliffhanger. With this emotional roller coaster of an episode, we were hoping that Barry and the team will finally find some peace. Unfortunately it looks like they're going to rip our hearts out again. This episode in particular was amazing all the way through. We're glad that it had the fun adventure with Barry and Snart to Snart because it absolutely wrecked us in the last moments. We give "Infantino Street" 10 Cold King Sharks out of 10! What did you think about the episode? Leave it in the comments below, we'd love to read them!

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