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What's Team been up to in this week? Let's talk about it!

Kara tries to move forward with her life, but continues to be heartbroken over Mon-El's departure. Samantha Arias works hard to provide for her daughter Ruby. They talk about the incident at the statue unveiling. She tells Grace that strength she displayed was a result of adrenaline. Ruby is revealed to be a troubled young girl when Samantha is called into her school about a fight. Ruby tells her mom that she believes she has super powers, but Samantha denies it. Meanwhile, Kara and James thank Lena for buying out CatCo. Despite their warm welcome tensions begin to rise as she begins to take control of the company and begins to question Kara's constant running out. Lena tries to reach out to Kara, but is shut out.

At the DEO, J'onn tries to play mediator between Alex and Maggie who have some disagreements over plans of their wedding. J'onn and Winn explain a new threat Maggie has brought to their attention in the form of Gale Marsh aka Psi, a powerful telepath. When Kara confronts her, the telepath proves to be too strong, leaving her in a fear induced state, like all of her victims. Maggie gets her back to the DEO where Winn clears her. J'onn uses his powers on Kara and deduces that Psi is a powerful metahuman based on the residual telepathic energy she left in Kara's head.

In their next encounter, J'onn tries to create a telepathic shield to protect Kara, but is overpowered. Psi begins to make Kara see Krypton and her parents, before the planet's destruction (We get a cool POV of Kara making it out of Krypton in her pod). Kara tells Winn that Psi uses fear to get to her victims. She tells him not to tell J'onn and Alex then asks him to create tech to combat Psi.

After an awkward conversation with Lena, Kara heads to confront Psi after being contacted by Alex. She suffers another fear induced attack and flies through the roof of CatCo, destroying parts of the elevator and building. She is unable to catch her so she heads to the DEO to talk to Winn. Sensing that there is something wrong with Kara, Alex makes Winn tell her what is going on. We then get a nice heart to heart between the two sisters.

Psi wrecks havoc around the city, causing panic and stealing everything she can. Ruby is caught in the commotion, prompting Samantha to save her. Using the neuro tech created by Winn, Kara heads to stop Psi. Kara saves the mother and daughter from a collapsing wrecking ball before taking on Psi. Her telepathic blasts knock Kara down, making her think she killed Mon-El. Alex gives her the classic empowering speech, giving her the strength to defeat Psi. After Psi is taken in by the DEO, Samantha and Ruby make amends after talking to Alex.

Kara apologizes and opens up to Lena, who offers to be her shoulder to cry on. She then introduces Samantha, who she just hired to help run LCorp, to Kara. Later that night, after putting Ruby to sleep, Samantha tries to test her strength on a crowbar, but nothing happens. Kara and Alex enjoy a movie night together, while J'onn is contacted by M'gann to return to Mars.

Easter Eggs/References

-Ladybird, ladybird: Pretty weird of Psi to recite this poem by Mother Goose. She also improvised a couple of psychotic lines.

-Wizard of Oz: Kara loves watching this movie.

-Eric Durance: We're waiting on a few other alums to make their way to the . Ahem. Tom Welling and Michael Rosembaum anyone. Maybe even Allison Mack!

So what's to come?

Next week gives us a look into J'onn's life on Mars. will be heading up to the red planet along with the Martian Manhunter after receiving a telepathic distress call from M'gann. All we can say is yes please. We have been waiting for J'onn to finally get his chance to shine as he's been giving the background treatment since the latter half of last season. J'onn father, M'yrnn Jonnz while he played by Carl Lumbly who voiced Martian Manhunter in , and a few other Animated Films. We want this episode now! Talking about Samantha, we're thinking she'll be heading down a dark path similar to Davis Bloome from . Sadly, that means something might happen to Ruby. As for Mon-El, the next time we see him will be in a story line or maybe a cameo in the with , and . Until then, we're just looking forward to next weeks and what's to come!

Final Thoughts.

Check List. Story. Check, though we have to say that we hope that they can get back to having Kara be her own hero. It's fine to be broken once in a while, but sometimes the formula of tortured heroes begins to kill these shows. Seeing them go through these emotional breakdowns humanize them and make them relatable. However, seeing them overcome it is what makes us invested in their characters. Anways.... Action. Check. It was awesome as always, though we'd love to see J'onn get out there more. Heart. Double Check. We got a pretty good second episode and we can't wait to see more. We give "Triggers" 9 Happy Memories out of 10! What did you think about the episode? Leave it in the comments below, we love to read them! See you in the next one!

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