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What's family been up to in this week? Let's talk about it!

A new metahuman named Ramsey Deacon aka Kilg0re kills a man by hacking into the elevator controls causing it to free fall nearly a hundred stories. Barry wastes no time in picking up his life where he left off. He rushes to a crime scene with Joe and Singh where Cisco ID's the man, Kurt Weaver, in the elevator. Back at Star Labs, Cisco shows Barry the new Flash suit much to all their excitement. When Barry cancels the team training session without consulting Iris, Caitlin recommends that they go to couples counseling. Gypsy arrives and gets ready for her date with Cisco.

Deacon attacks another rich business man, but Barry rushes to save him. Due to a rash decision, Barry is forced to take the car apart before it crashes. Barry brings the car back to the lab where they find out that Deacon is a metahuman hacker, enabling him to control technology. Iris then hilariously convinces Barry to take up couples therapy. (We get a little cameo in the form of a newspaper headline outing Oliver as the masked Vigilante). This scene is just pure brilliance. Cisco, Caitlin and Gypsy discover Kilg0re in a tech magazine. At the same moment, the villain attacks the CCPD Bomb Armory. As a grenade goes off, Barry leaves the therapy session, stopping the explosion from killing Joe and Tim Kwan, the man he saved earlier (What an epic save it was).

They realize that Deacon is coming after people in his old tech crew. Cisco and Barry find themselves in trouble regarding their respective love lives. Cisco thinks Gypsy is okay with canceling their date before Caitlin tells him otherwise. Back at the therapy session Iris finally lets Barry know how upset she is at him for leaving her six months prior. Meanwhile, Kilg0re puts another member of the tech team, Shiela, in insulin shock then takes Tim. Wally and Joe, who had been following Tim, rush in saving Shiela. Caitlin helps Cisco make amends with Gypsy. Barry and Iris finally talks to Iris about his sacrifice to the . Deacon live streams Tim telling the truth about stealing Kilg0re from Deacon. Armed with the special binary code compound Caitlin and Cisco created to combat Deacon, and rush to stop Deacon. They save Tim, but Deacon takes control of the tech in Barry's suit after knocking Wally out.

Deacon tampers with the suit, resulting in a string of hilarious hijinks (Fat Flash, A Self Destruct sequence and the hilarious commentary by ). Listening to Iris's advice, Barry is able to short circuit the suit by hitting himself with his own lighting blast. He stops Deacon and saves Tim. Barry and Joe lock Deacon up in Iron Heights. He tells them that there are more metahumans outside of that weren't created by Well's particle accelerator. and are revealed to be collecting metahumans to use against , watching Kilg0re in his cell.

Easter Eggs/References:

-Why is Felicity selling her apartment?

-The elevator hit Level 52

-Risky Barry. This is our hero everyone.

-Speed TV. Cisco really is a good friend. He has Game Of Thrones playing on there.

-Mayor Queen is Green Arrow. It's always nice to nod to the other shows.

-Cisco compared Deacon's killing spree to Richard Hendricks killing everyone in his company, The Pied Piper, in the TV series Silicon Valley. Barry mentioned Betram Gilfoyle and Cisco mentioned Erlich Bachman

-Cisco said "frak" when Deacon locked him out of Barry's suit. Bears Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

-Pandimensional doghouse maybe a nod to The House of Heroes is a pandimensional satellite outside normal time and space orbiting the Bleedspace between universes. Originally used by the Monitors, it became deserted when they all extinguished leaving only one of them to guard the Multiverse.

-Cisco mentioned Shaquille O'Neal and were wondering what Earth his Steel counterpart is on. Apparently there's a Saint Shaquille O'Neal's Day on Earth 19.

-Kindle Fires are the best. Just ask Deacon.

So what's to come?

Next week, Barry and will be up against Becky aka Hazard, who has the ability to give others bad luck. We also have the return of Harry Wells who is going to give Wally a message from Jesse. Back to the lighthearted tone that was very present in the first season. Sure the show could get darker in terms of story line, but as long as they keep Barry like this, that's what we care about. The Thinker looks to be creating a metahuman army, most likely to take on or maybe even capture him. Deacon also said that there were metas outside of Central City, meaning we could be seeing some new heroes and villains that the show couldn't use before.Then we have Amunet/Blacksmith who will be tied in due to her connection from Caitlin. We also have the Breacher coming to town, who is going to be played by Danny Trejo. Also, we are six episodes closer to the along with , and .

Final Thoughts.

This is show we all wanted. The optimistic Barry Allen and his awesome team taking on whatever comes their way. Throw in the funny quips, witty banter, epic action sequences, heart to hearts and a little mystery. You've got the formula for a brilliant episode. Check list time! Story. Check. Action. Check. Heart. Check. It hit everything we could have wanted in a show. We give "Mixed Signals" 10 Fat Flashes out of 10! What did you think about the episode? Leave it in the comments below, we'd love to read them! See you in the next one!

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