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Fandom doesn't make it easy to have a civilized conversation. I say both DC and Marvel are incredibly great. If you think about it, you don't see the heads behind these two companies trying to duke it out at every possible opportunities. One makes comics, so the other, and they're having fun doing that; I believe this is how they see it. (You can't make a comic without having fun, that's for sure.) But hardcore fans tend to take things too seriously, from both sides, completely forgetting that we are comics fans and that it's a fictional reality we're talking about. But they'll always be the other side of the coin; people able to have discussions as such with the respect, passion and enthusiasm within their words. On that point, I'm glad they exist. And on a personal note, I think Batman VS Spiderman would be a great fight, and they both have their chances against the other. Thank you for replying :-)

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