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I always loved to make reviews on movies, so then I thought of maybe to do some box office updates, with some occasional movie news.

So at first I though that this film would only get 73 million. Well alone in just one day this film has made well enough money to soon make it to almost 100 million. I mean 51 million, that is actually a near 3.7 million more than Deadpool made on Friday. By the way that is a theater average of about $12,430. Actually this film alone has made $76,700,000 worldwide in just one day.

Now I must ask the question, how much could this film make? Well by comparing to The Conjuring, by drops, I found that this film could make, $126,783,552. Holy crap! Sorry about that, but alone that is more than two times what the original holder for the best opening weekend for a Rated R horror film. In fact if this has even more hype, well expect the new winner for best opening weekend for a Rated R film. Now, again this is if the film is as popular as it is. Alone I believe for the first time in a long time, I believe that this film doesn't need fixing near the slightest. Still if it doesn't make it to this level and just makes 80 million, it still will have these records.

  • Largest Thursday Pre-Show for a Horror Movie
  • Largest Thursday Pre-Show for an R-Rated Movie
  • Largest Thursday Pre-Show for a September Movie
  • Largest Friday for a September Movie
  • Largest Friday for a Horror Movie
  • Largest # of Locations for a R-Rated Movie
  • Largest September opening weekend
  • Largest Fall opening weekend
  • Largest Horror movie opening weekend
  • Largest Stephen King based movie opening weekend

Anyways expect this is to be the new horror winner at the Box Office. By the way, that 200 million domestically thing seems to especially be closer than expected. One last thing, non-surprisingly there is a sequel coming soon in 2019.

However, there are the other films like Home Again.

Home Again made $3,079,203 today which is almost 17 times less than what It made. Still it can make by comparing to Bridget Jone's Baby, $8,515,263. Now Still, I believe this one will need about 10 million to look confident. Now, how can this happen, let's find out.

1. So on Saturday, it will need a 25% increase, will theater averages needing to be $1,347 per theater.

2. Then on Sunday this movie will need a drop of 20% or lower to then get to 10 million. Meaning theater averages need to be $1,077 or less.

I mean it's a nice date movie to take your girlfriend with, if you don't like clowns.

Sorry for nightmares. Please don't sue me.

Now here's the rest of the movies.

The Hitman's Bodyguard has come third on Friday with $1,380,000. Comparing to last Friday this can make, $5,894,644. Let me be honest I think this is as good as it gets.

Annabelle: Creation is fourth Friday with $1,200,000, comparing to last Friday this could make, $4,498,494. Now again like The Hitman's Bodyguard, especially during this week, this really is the best it can do.

Wind River is fifth Friday with $960,000, comparing to last Friday, we get $4,329,220. Now thinking about it, most of these films really only do as well as well as they can.

Leap is sixth Friday with $550,000, comparing to last Friday, we get $2,008,522. Here, how about giving this film 2.5 million. Let's find how.

1. On Saturday it must make 75% increase or more, with a theater average of $357 per theater.

2. On Sunday it will need a 2.6% increase, and it can just make it to 2.5 million.

Dunkirk is seventh Friday, and has made $550,000, and by the way I did actual calculations and found that this one made less than Leap. Still by comparing last Friday this film will make, $2,594,200. So expect Leap to be seventh place, or, maybe lower.

Logan Lucky is eighth Friday, with $513,985, comparing to last Friday it could make $2,147,497. So expect Leap to be number 8, maybe even lower.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is ninth place Friday with $510,000, comparing to Friday this can make, $2,270,090. Now expect Logan Lucky at ninth place, and Leap at 10th place, or maybe even lower, no just kidding, this is as low as it can go.

Then Finally there is Girls Trip, which has $245,000, comparing to Friday this can get $961,288. Now this will be the week where this will most likely go of the radar. I mean it will have made more than Bad Moms domestically so that's something. As of now it has $127,615,663 worldwide which is good enough for this film. Although I believe that this could just make 1 million, so this is how.

1. On Saturday it must make a 55% increase, meaning a theater average of $380.

2. It must then have an increase of 23% or more to then just get to about 1 million. Still in it's entire run, not once has it ever increased on Sunday. So I believe it will only do as well I have said.

Anyways, expect that this week's total is going to come without any doubts more than 50 or even 75% because of IT. We honestly need the film, or else we would suffer. Anyways see you later for the Box Office Check. Comment if you liked It.

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