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I always loved to make reviews on movies, so then I thought of maybe to do some box office updates, with some occasional movie news.

So, It was, well an insane, monster hit. Alone it has made about 3.5 of it's 35 million dollar budget. It soon to looks to take even the record for the highest grossing horror film, non-inflation-wise. However, can it hold number one this week, or will it fall to it's own mother. Let's find out.

So first let me say that Mother is expected to make at most 12 million. Now with that said it could increase to 20 million, depending on Thursday numbers, but let's say at most Mother could make about 18 million. Now, alone It could have in fact a second week drop of about 84% and still beat Mother. To that into perspective, that would mean that this film would have the 4th biggest 2nd week drop in history.

Collide is number one.

Even at that, I believe that It still has decent theater averages during the weekday.

I mean I could expect this to drop off by the third weekend, but really I think that 84% is a bit too much. So after though, I decided with at least how popular it is, than a 58% would be good enough. So after doing calculations, I found the film could get, about $51,829,436. That is a theater average of $12,632. I mean really they just need about $4,210 per theater. Fine, maybe 58% is a bit too little. Still if it has even a drop of about even a 70%, It can still make, $37,021,026. That could be a number one spot deal, as It can maybe after at least it's 3rd weekend make 200 million domestically. Still I believe in 58%.

Anyways, Mother is a new film by Darren Aronofsky of Black Swan fame.

This film is expected to make about $12 million on the opening weekend, with about a 30 million dollar budget. Now entirely, we will need to see Thursday previews to see if they are strong enough.

There is also American Assassin, projected to get $14 million. Again We will need to see Thursday previews to see if it can make it.

Then there is the rest.

Home Again is expecting a 4th place win with $4.6 million second weekend, however with how it is doing, I believe if it does as well as Bridget Jones Baby, this film could get $4,483,500 to be exact.

The Hitman's Bodyguard will be 5th, by getting an expected $2.6 million. Comparing to itself that will be $3,743,894 to be fair.

Wind River could get 6th with, 2.2 million. Again Comparing to itself, it could get $2,349,570.

Annabelle Creation with at 7th place with an expected 1.8 million. Comparing to itself, it could get still $2,243,241. So if Wind River gets a theater average of about $698, then Annabelle can make it to sixth place.

Leap is planing an eighth place win with 1.4 million. After comparisons, this could get, 2,370,771. So Based on Wind River, either this could be a sixth, a seventh, or eighth place winner.

Spider-Man: Homecoming, finally breaks out of the seventh place spot, and has a ninth place win with an expected 1.3 million. however, after comparisons I found this could in fact get $2,407,621. Not joking. So really a lot of pressure is on Wind River. Although at least it will only most likely fall at ninth place at most.

Finally, Dunkirk is 10th with, $900,000. So after comparisons I found that Dunkirk could actually make $1,544,520. So at least we will have a confident week.

I would also like to note that a lot predictions can mostly only happen if the theater count isn't that different, and yet they can also get the theater boosts. Anyways, see you for tomorrow.

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