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I always loved to make reviews on movies, so then I thought of maybe to do some box office updates, with some occasional movie news.

So It is as I said already is a miracle film. It has alone has become the third highest grossing horror film domestically. Not only that, but it is so far the most successful Steven King based film. However, film drop. I mean It had an insane opening weekend, especially for a horror film. With this film as a success, Hollywood will finally realize that PG-13 horror films don't work.

Anyways, people predict that It will have a huge drop. It, no pun intended surprisingly, at first is expected to have a drop of 58%. However, when comparing to last Thursday I found it could make, $66,745,468. Which is by the way a 46.5% drop. Which is even a bit less then Beauty and the Beast's drop of 48%. So in total It could in fact make by the second weekend $225,456,087 domestically alone. That is only about a couple million away from beating the Exorcist, the highest grossing horror film domestically.

It is without any doubts going to easily going to get a sequel with a 60 million+ budget. I mean I think 300 million domestically is really hard, but hey maybe it could do such a thing.

There are also the new movies like Mother.

Mother grossed right about $700k. Now compared to a film like Night Crawlers which made about $520k, with a 10.4 million opening, Mother could make a good enough box office. How much? Well after comparing, Mother could make $16,628,096. This alone could be a good opening for the film. This is about 1 or 2 million from Atomic Blonde which went on to become a hit, which also had the same budget. We will have to see tomorrow.

American Assassin made $915k from 2,400, which in terms of averages is actually more than Mother, Still what does this mean. Well this is a slight improvement compared to Jhon Wick which opened with 14 million. After calculations though, I found American Assassin could make, $15,363,134.

Entirely, Mother could be number two, if it can just earn that extra million.

Here's the rest from the weeks prior.

Home Again made, $702,105. Compared to how Bridget Jone's Baby did, that means that this film could make, $4,577,580.

The Hitman's Bodyguard made $420,976. Compared to itself, it could make $3,936,570.

Wind River made $367,813, comparisons show that this could have $2,661,690.

Annabelle: Creation made $213,398, comparisons later show that this movie could actually be in 6th place with $3,123,120, soon giving this film a total of 100 million domestically.

Dunkirk made $178,413, and can soon in fact make 1,664,790, so it is going to be 10th place. I am expecting by 3-4 weeks from now it could be pulled out.

Leap in the very rare case has actually had a theater average boost. Anyways it made $178,413, and soon could pull off a $2,957,409, so it can actually even make it to 7th place again.!-3D-(Balle!-3D-(Balle

Oh wait, that thing about leap, well it happened again with Spider-Man Homecoming as it has gotten $151,308, and comparisons say that it could make $2,649,543. Sadly by a couple thousands this film will be 9th place, but hey you know it has survived longer in the top ten then Wonder Woman so this is something.

So pretty much this is the top ten, anyways see you tomorrow for Friday's results.

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