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I always loved to make reviews on movies, so then I thought of maybe to do some box office updates, with some occasional movie news.

So, Mother just recently made $3,021,172. Now what does it mean for Mother? Well after comparing to Side Effects I found that this could get, $10,032,876. With that said, Mother while critically is doing fine, audience members absolutely hate it. As not on on Rotten Tomatoes does it have 43% audience fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, but it also has a rare F score on Cinema Score. This score is so rare that only 11 films have been given this rating since 2004. Yes it is that bad.

Now as much as there aren't that many audience members that like it, I believe it could do better. So how about 12 million or something. Let's see how.

1. So Mother will need to some how have a 70% increase, that is about a theater average of $2,225.

2. Then the drop need to be as low as 25.2%, which is a theater average of about $1,664.

Well maybe if American Assassin has an insane drop then Mother could win. Speaking of which, that is next.

American Assassin made it to second place yesterday with $5,759,204.

Now comparing to more The Hitman's Bodyguard this film could make, $15,318,978. Now, maybe comparing it to John Wick is a better idea. I mean we are trying to see if this film could regularly drop low enough for Mother to win second place. So when we do we find that this film could get, $15,230,666. Maybe even the Mechanic drop at least by a million. Well, it is actually worse for Mother as it could make $18,242,736. Well I am going to to give up and say that American Assassin in terms of comparisons could mostly likely 15 million. So how could we bump the movie down by at least about 9 million. Let me show you.

1. So for example, if there was an intense controversy that comes out, then the ticket prices will drop. I mean the new stories about how Mother is being misunderstood could make audience members be more deciding on watching it to give it a chance. Ok that is a very weak idea, but so far that is the best I could do. Anyways, the film must need to drop to an insane 55% on Saturday, with a theater average of $822.

2.Then on Sunday, of people are still angry, they would need to give this movie a 60% drop. Which is a theater average of about $328.

Ok this sadly will not happen. I am just giving the best results I can do. I mean this film will easily get $15 million as Mother could actually get even less actually, because soon audience members will see it has an F and avoid it. With that said, I am going to pray that Mother could just beat it. I mean it worked for It, so why can't it work here.

However, one film will still beat American Assassin at number one. that film is It. Yesterday it made $19,201,092. Now after comparing to itself I found this film could get $45,238,088. Anyways, that could mean this film could just make it to about 203 million domestically. Maybe we could get better. Say if this film does as good as Spider-Man Homecoming. In that case It could to a lot better actually. As it could get $62,290,516. It could make about 221 million domestically. I mean that is about 11 million away from beating the Exorcist. I mean I am expecting It to end with about 240-250 million, but hey maybe it could do well enough for that 300 million. Really even if It makes that $45 million, It still could maybe have the chance to still beat by a couple million The Exorcist. We will see.

Home Again is expecting 4th place, as yesterday it made $1,663,728. Now comparing to itself it could make $4,608,648. Now could this film make 5.5 million? Let's see how.

1. On Saturday this film will need to make a 30% increase, with a theater average of $712.

2. On Sunday this film can have a drop as low as 46.8%. Giving the film an average of $333.

So pretty much Home Again will need Foreign markets to make back it's money. However, so far it isn't doing any better. Like some films

Anyways, here's the rest.

The Hitman's Bodyguard made $1,014,320, comparing to itself we can see that The Hitman's Bodyguard will make, $3,533,760. Maybe we can get it 4 million. So here's how.

1. On Saturday it must get a 80% increase. By the way the theater count changed, which is what I believe, for the most part creates a huge increase. This also means a theater average of $558.

2. On Sunday it must have a drop of anything smaller than 35%. Meaning a theater average of about $363.

Wind River is next with $768,139, after comparisons I found that this film could get, $2,503,764. Now could we get this to about 3 million. Let's see

1. On Saturday it will need a 50% increase, meaning a theater average of $440.

2. On Sunday it will then need to have as low of a drop as 6.3%. Get this, in the weeks the film was released it has never made a drop like that. The closest is when it actually increased on Sunday with a close 6.5%.

Annabelle: Creation has gotten about $709,195. Anyways, this film could get $2,131,779. And with how it is doing, it might after it's run at the most get $101-103 million domestically. Also it will seem to be ending in about 2 weeks from now as I am predicting. Still I believe that it should get more, So how about 2.5 million at least.

1. So on Saturday the film will need to have an increase of 45%. Meaning theater averages of $486.

2. Then on Sunday the film needs to have a drop as low as 26.9%. Meaning theater averages of about $360 to just get 2.5 million.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is next with $499,728, and is planing to get $2,064,444. Which will give the film a domestic total of almost 330 million. I mean it is good enough for the film. I mean I think they could pull the film out of theaters in the U.S.A they would be fine if they did. I mean it survived longer in the top ten than Wonder Woman. It doesn't need improvements.

Leap made $466,288, and will soon make $2,106,752. So now Spider-Man Homecoming will be 9th place under Dunkirk. Anyways, Leap will do pretty good, and most likely make 20 million before ending. Already the Worldwide total is 100 million. Although the catch is that while technically the same movie, it is called Ballerina everywhere else.

Dunkirk was number ten on Friday on $379,846, and make, $1,287,338. Now as much as I would want to say that I could improve it. Well Dunkirk has simply made it's run. It is in only 1,401 theaters and guess how many theaters was Wonder Woman in when it was at number 10. Ok fine it was in more theaters, but the point I am trying to say is that Dunkirk while did ok domestically has made about 5 times it's own budget. Simply, it will be moving eventually. So I would like to say that I salute Dunkirk.

Anyways tune in for tomorrow's Box Office Check. Also I would like to say that to anyone that is interested in Mother, I have linked a video of YMS's review. I might be poor quality, but if you want to know if the movie is for you check out the review. Check it out as it does deserve your money. Anyways goodbye.

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