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I always loved to make reviews on movies, so then I thought of maybe to do some box office updates, with some occasional movie news.

Man, has September already redeemed this Summer. Alone this September is about 16% ahead of last year's September, and could even defeat the September of 2015. "It" pretty much helped this year be on track. So far It has broken the record for the highest grossing Rated R horror film ever, non-inflation. Already It has made about $404,306,627 worldwide which is about 11.5 times the budget of this film.

However, as much as I could go on about It, we have to say goodbye, as it will drop from the top spot this week. Why? because films like Kingsman: The Golden Circle, will most likely top It. Still by how much? Let's find out today.

So Kingsman made about $3.4 million from about 3,100 theaters , which is a theater average of about $1,097 per theater. So what does this mean for the film? Well we need to find a perfect comparison. At first, the original should pop into mind. now by Comparing to the original, we could get, $91,012,208.

OK, now as much as this is an excellent opening, there are two that kind of challenge this opening. One, the budget for this movie is about $104 million so most likely this film will do only fine domestically. The second thing is that this is actually about 2.5 times what the original got. OK sure, films like John Wick: Chapter Two, have opening weekends that are 2.11 times as much as the original.

So the idea that Kingsman 2 could make as much is possible. However, then we have the reviews. So far, Kingsman 2 has a 51% on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 5.3/10 average score. However, there is actually another film that has mixed reviews, Ninjago.

Now as much as I could say that maybe audience reactions aren't too bad, I can't deny this film won't be making 90 million on the opening weekend. So we need another comparison to make this more accurate.

So then I find a film called Ted 2. Ted 2 has a Rotten Tomatoes Score of about 45%, with a close enough 5.2/10 average score.

Anyways after comparisons I find Kingsman 2 could get, $43,644,704. Anyways, I am predicting a total domestic gross of about $135 million. I mean I could be wrong, but unless the foreign markets are tired of It, I won't be seeing Kingsman 2 as a huge success.

However, guess what there is also another challenger. The Lego Ninjago Movie is expecting to get 2nd place.

However, the movie didn't have a Thursday screening, because it was a school day. So let's move on to It.

It made on Thursday about $3,932,254, with a theater average of $948. So after comparisons to itself I find It could make, $31,671,552. That means a domestic gross of $268,009,993. Now with that said, if the Lego Ninjago Movie gets only about 30 million, then It might just by a million could take the 2nd place spot.

Now how about the other films? Let's talk about them.

American Assassin made about $910,037, and will most likely be in 4th place when comparing it to The American. When doing that we will be getting $7,159,580.

Mother made $548,620, this Thursday, meaning a theater average of $232. By comparing it to Side Effects, it could make $2,765,824. Yep, that bad. I mean the movie Side Effects is the closest thing I have for the more reasonable comparison. I mean if could be generous, I would say at most by comparing it to Crimson Peak, this film could get $3,926,144. Again, I am being the most generous person, and I also didn't take into the non-surprising theater growth or drop. So this could either be 5th or 6th.

Friend Request is a new horror film coming out, and has made $110,000 from 1,500 theaters, meaning a theater gross of $73. Anyways, by comparing to The Incarnate we get a total of about $3,440,101. Pretty much, depending on how well Mother does, Friend Request will either make it to number 5 or 6. Although maybe 7th is an option.

Home Again made $491,814, with a theater average of $162. After calculations I found that this film could make $3,106,545. So I guess I was wrong, Friend Request could do better than I though.

Now with Leap, I had to do some predicting, so it isn't perfect. Still even with with even a theater drop of about 700 theaters, Leap could still make about $2,306,304. Soon giving to film a domestic gross of about 21.6 million, if you don't include Canada.

Then there is Stronger, which is expected to make about 2 million. Now as of now I can't find it's Thursday box office intake but I will just say that it could be number at least 9th place comparing to the rest.

The Hitman's Bodyguard made $274,989 on Thursday. Anyways, this film can soon make $1,476,825. Now this is mostly because The Hitman's Bodyguard is droping theaters, about 1,235 theaters. Now The Hitman's Bodyguard could finally end this week at number 10, right? I want to bring up one last film.

Now the final film I want to talk about is is Wind River, as I predict this film will get about a 600 theater drop. Anyways Wind River can about $1,592,991. So pretty much The Hitman's Bodyguard will drop off from the top ten completely. Anyways, Wind River will make about 31 million, and I am predicting a domestic total of 33 million.

So that is mostly it. Come tomorrow for Friday's predictions. See you later. Comment by the way if you like this article. See you later.

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