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I always loved to make reviews on movies, so then I thought of maybe to do some box office updates, with some occasional movie news.

So let me just say that this September is about 5 million away from beating September of 2015. Entirely, if we didn't have this September, we would easily be affected by the insanely bad Summer. Anyways, let's talk numbers.

First up is American made. The new Rated R Tom Cruise film being released in about 3,024 theaters. Anyways, people are saying that this film will make about 20 million or less. is this true. Well I believe that the best comparison is the film Argo. So by comparing I find that American Made could make $18,204,480. That could actually make it top to the second place. Although, I believe that it will all depend on how does on Thursday with the opening. Now what else do we have to talk about.

Well It is something. Anyways after I did some comparisons to last week I find It could make about $13,329,551. Now for this film's fourth weekend, that is still pretty good. After this week the film could make about $287 million domestically, and if it continues it could even make about 300-305 million domestically by at least the end of it's domestic theater run. It could soon also take on The Sixth Sense to become truly the highest grossing horror film, non-inflation-wise, domestically. However, maybe we should just compare to another horror film like The Conjuring. If it does, It could make about $17,599,081. I mean that will be a bit hard but hey, things happen.

Next is the Kingsman: The Golden Circle. this film after comparing to Horrible Bosses 2, or at least the drop it had during it's second weekend, this film could make about, $17,403,780. I mean unless American Made can only makes as much as $5,500 or less, Kingsman could most likely get just second place. I mean again though a lot will be determined by the Thursday in take so we will have to see.

Then there is the disappointing Lego Ninjago Movie. As of now it has only grossed only 35 million worldwide, which is less than what The Lego Batman movie opened with. Now with that said, could this film maybe do okay? Well by comparing to Storks we find that the Lego Ninjago Movie could make $10,983,58. What could this mean? Well this film could make about 32-35 million domestically. At most I see this film getting about 65-70 million domestically, so the foreign markets better be promising.

Next is the new film Flatliners, based on a movie with the same name. Now comparing to The Lazarus Effect this film could make $9,766,504. I mean I can understand that some people are not interested in It, and also the factor that it is PG-13 can attract teenagers. Besides with it's 19 million dollar budget this film will need it.

Next is the newest independent darling, Battle of The Sexes. It was only released in about 21 theaters, yet managed to make about $500k. So because of this, this film will be released in about 1,200 theaters. Now comparing to Gifted, Battle of the Sexes could make $10,076,391. OK, even I can tell that is a way to big gross. So how about a more reasonable film. Maybe something like The Founder could be. So after calculations I find that this film could get $3,591,693. Ok maybe we will find a balance with Wind River. So after more calculations I find a movie close enough to Box Office Mojo's estimates, with about $4,725,848. I am serious when I say that especially for this one the Friday opening will count so much.

Next is apparently American Assassin, which should make $3,047,180. Now maybe it could be more. OK maybe I should compare it to The Hitman's Bodyguard. If I do I find a new total of $5,333,320. Now with that said, this is pretty much a ludicrous amount, so expect 3 million.

Then there is Home Again expecting to make $1,912,590. I mean I believe that this film has done fine enough, and will end its run with most likely 25-28 million domestically as it made two times its budget.

Next is actually a new film called A Question of Faith, which is expected to make about 1.5 million. We really will need to see how this film does on Thursday.

Then the final film expected for 10th place is Mother. After comparisons I find that this film could get $1,431,520.

So see me tomorrow for Thursday previews. Can we please get this to about 30 reads by 24 hours after I post this. I seriously need the support. Anyways thanks and see you later.

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