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I always loved to make reviews on movies, so then I thought of maybe to do some box office updates, with some occasional movie news.

So let us begin with Blade Runner 2049. Now a first people expected an opening weekend of about 40 million. However, after more and more time the expectations grew up to $55 million. Now thankfully It has shown us once again that a Rated R film could have an opening that might even dare be more than an average blockbuster opening. So we will need to find the best example. Now at first Mad Max: Fury Road is a good choice. These films are both sequels that took a long time to make, have mostly good reviews, and except for a minor role for past actors this is a completely different director and cast. Now that is pretty specific. So if we do compare we get a total of about $49,795,718. Now with that said this isn't the best opening. I mean I think we could do a bit better.

So how about Prometheus, a film that also had been made about 1.5 decades ago from the last sequel. However, Blade Runner has actually a better chance compared to any of these films. I mean Blade Runner as such a long cult-following, the new director has gotten so much respect for Arrival, and of course the reviews are a lot better. Still just in case I believe we should use the average gross for Prometheus and compare it to Blade Runner. After calculations we get a new total of $60,498,856. Now everything will depend on Thursday previews, as they will show us how much the cult following of the original is in affect here.

Next is American Made. Now this film only opened at third place, with about $16,776,390. Now we will need the most accurate film to look at. So after a while I find a film called Money Monster. So after comparing we find a total of about $7,98,654. By the way I was being kind to this movie However, let me try to be the kindest I can be. So I found an even better film Savages. So if lucky enough we could get $9,853,781. Now that could be helpful to the film. But don't expect this to make anything more than at most about 50-80 million. Besides I think I couldn't find a better film to compare to so this is it.

Speaking of which It is next.

So It after comparing to itself could get a grand total of $9,845,255. Now that could easily mean that eventually this film could make it to even $315-330 million domestically and pass the Sixth sense to become the true highest grossing horror film non-inflation-wise domestically. Ok when I say it, it isn't as cool but still pretty impressive. Ok sure The Sixth Sense is questionable if it is a horror film. Either ways soon this film will become the number one highest, domestic, non-inflation wise, grossing supernatural film of all time.Oh wait, it did already.

Well adding some numbers isn't to bad I will say. Also maybe a re-release could actually make the Sixth Sense completely take over number one again.

Next is Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which after comparisons we get a total of about $10,115,200. Now that could definitely help this film a lot more as it could make about 83 million. With a soon domestic gross of give or take 195-120 million. Besides, foreign markets are more kinder to this film.

So there is another film to talk about called The Mountain Between Us. This film is expected to make about 8.8 million. Is this true? Well by comparing to The Finest Hours we get a total of about $10,110,112. Now that is really close. So close that on fact if you do math this could have the smallest difference a a film with $5,088 beating the past record set by CB4 and Fire in The Sky. Anyways this film has a budget of about 35 million. So this film will need a better opening. So after searching I find the closest film Everest. After calculations later we get a new total of about $13,250,240. Now that could easily give this film a new place a number 2. By the way even this film will still most likely need foreign markets to help it make a lot of its money back, but this is an improvement.

Next is another new film this time an animated film based on a TV-show, My Little Pony: The Movie. So after comparing to other films like this, like The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, we get a total of about $25,199,104. Now that is really good for this film. However, I think it is too good. I mean there is a decent number of huge fans, but I believe that most likely we need to compare to another film. How about at least the Ninjago movie as both are critically mixed TV adaptations. Well it is a bit more reasonable, but a gross of $12,763,872 is in my opinion a bit to good of a gross. Now for maybe the first time I might only just give an broad estimate. So after thinking I decided on a gross in between 9 million and 16 million. Still even if this film only grosses 9 million It can at least be in 5th place. You know what I am going to say that it will need that 12 million to do decent.

Now the final movie that will be expected to make about more than 5 million is The Lego Ninjago Movie. Now after comparisons we get a total of about $6,391,476. That is pretty meh for the film as this could mean that at most this film could make about 70 million domestically. Actually an 60 million is a much better answer. This will easily flop if the Foreign markets don't get better for the film. I mean it hasn't been released in China so this could save this film. Still expect this film to most likely flop.

Next is apparently Flat-liners, which after estimates could get $4,616,568. Now that is actually a really decent thing for this film. I mean it won't make this a hit, but I can say that if the foreign markets are good enough they might make their 19 million dollar budget back in worldwide sales. Still that is mostly what will happen. I am predicting a worldwide total of maybe 25 million.

Anyways next is Battle of The Sexes, which expanded again. Anyways by comparing to Wind River we get a total of $4,236,150. Now that is a pretty big number. I mean for this film this is great. I mean really this film could actually befit from this and maybe make about 10-11 million. I mean if they add more theaters soon this film could make up to about 25 million domestically. Now I don't know the budget, so this could be only ok. Still expect Battle of The Sexes to be here for about maybe 3 more weeks. Or maybe just 1.

Finally is the new film called Victoria and Abdul. This got a boost of about 600 theaters. So by comparing to say Lion we get a total of about $2,529,792. Now this could be good enough for the film to even get released in about 1,000+ theaters.

So that is pretty much it. Come tomorrow to see all about Thursday averages. By the way to anyone, I am sorry that I am so inconsistent with my posts. I have school. Still I will try to get these out the best I can. Anyways, see you later.

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