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I always loved to make reviews on movies, so then I thought of maybe to do some box office updates, with some occasional movie news.

So let us start off with Blade Runner 2049. It made a reported $4 million dollars. Now I couldn't find how many theaters it was playing at when these previews came, so this won't be the most spot on. Anyways, our first comparison is Mad Max Fury Road. When comparing that film's 3.7 million Thursday previews we get a general total of about $49,062,378. Now that is fine enough. However, we could do a lot better. Maybe when comparing more to Prometheus we get a better score. Well we do with a much better $56,665,612. Still a general basis is about either 48-54 million just in case.

Next is The Mountain Between Us. That film brought in about $400,000 from about 2535 theaters. Now this is about $158. Now comparing to Deep-Water Horizons we get a total of about $8,448,768. Now that isn't to good. So how about if take Say The Finest Hour. Now like Blade Runner 2049 I couldn't find the theater count, so this won't be perfect. Still if we do we get a total of $10,777,120. So most likely expect between 8-11 million.

Next was It. Now It today made about $1,003,257, meaning a theater average of about $256 per theater. Anyways, by comparing we get a total of $9,643,375. Now that could easily make sure that this film gets into the smooth area of about $300 million domestically. Expect a most likely domestic gross of about 310-330 million. Soon this film could also just maybe even get $600 million worldwide. Anyways maybe expect this to be in either 3rd or 5th place this week.

Next is Kingsman: The Golden Circle. That film made today about $1,040,021. Now that is about $258 per theater. Still this will mean a total of $7,750,336. That is eh. I mean at most this film could make about 85-100 million domestically. Now Again Foreign Markets are good, for now this film will only just make about 320-350 million worldwide. Now that isn't too great. Really, I can say maybe it is more when comparing to the original. Well, it is, but a total of $8,004,960 isn't too amazing or better. So say maybe something like 7.9 million.

Next is American Made which was number one for all the weekdays this week. this film made today $1,209,369. Now by comparing to Money Monster we get a total of about $8,004,960. This is an okay number, and maybe just maybe this film could make about $50 million domestically. I mean if foreign markets aren't bored then this film could just make 3 times it's budget. At least it doesn't seem to be flopping like the next movie.

The Lego Ninjago Movie has only made about 37 million domestically as of now. It seems very unlikely that this film will be making anything more than about, just maybe 65 million. Now in terms of foreign number it is better as this movie is about 7 million away from making it's budget back, at least worldwide. Now after comparisons I find a new total of $7,377,273. Just enough to make back it's budget back. However, I couldn't see this making anything more than if lucky enough maybe 120 million worldwide. Ok maybe it might be a bit better if we compare it to Storks, right? Well, a $5,835,376 total gross is not any better. This is actually so bad I might even need to compare to The Nut Job: 2.

Well, absolutely not, with a total gross of $2,325,484 that will mean that this film will be gone from the top ten. In fact, even the Nut Job 2 didn't have such theater averages as low the Lego Ninjago Movie. In fact, on Wednesday, the Lego Ninjago movie had a theater average of about $99. Not joking. By the way this is the third week alone. Anyways let us move on with our next film, which is animated that seems to have a better chance.

Anyways The My Little Pony movie has so far made about $290,000 from about 1,800 theaters. Now when we compare to say the The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, we get a total of about $25,467,072. Now that is one big opening. However, maybe it is too big. Maybe we should try Storks. If we do we get a new total of about $9,148,832. So like I said before maybe between 9-15 million. I mean there is a huge fanbase.

Next is Flat-Liners, which after comparing to The The Lazarus Effect, we get a total of $4,524,696. Now that is enough to at least get to about 13 million. Maybe this film could even make up to 18-22 million domestically. Anyways this will be a flop yes, but at least it made its own budget back.

The Next film is Battle of the Sexes which could make buy comparing to Loin about $2,261,102. Ok maybe we might need a better example. How About The Founder. If we do we get $3,407,140. Well that is a lot better. Could we make it even better. Well, with Wind River we get $3,667,686. pretty good. Maybe just maybe we could even get this into 2000+ theaters.

Finally we have Victoria and Abdul. Now by comparing to Wind River we get a total of about $4,143,12! Now that is a huge number. Easily this film will get a 1000+ theater release. Ok now that might be a bit too much, so how about we look at another film like Lion. When we do we find a new gross of about $3,252,276. Ok that is a bit more reasonable. Still expect this film to be released in about 1,000+ theaters by next weekend.

Anyways, that was my look at thursday's box office, tune in tomorrow for Friday's results and I will see you later.

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