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I always loved to make reviews on movies, so then I thought of maybe to do some box office updates, with some occasional movie news.

So the highly hyped 2049 did good enough, becoming number one with 12.7 million. Now people were expecting at least a gross of about 15-17 million. So this is a little but otherwise significant disappointing. The biggest question is about how much will it make? Now let us first compare Mad Max: Fury Road. That film made about $16,611,428 on it's opening Friday, and went on to make $45,438,128. By comparing to that film we get a total gross of about $31,372,398. Now that is very meh for this film. Now we have Prometheus, so let's see if it at least makes it to 35 million. Well, no. It is actually worse with $30,499,928. Now based on these results so far, it is not looking good domestically. I mean Foreign markets really need to do good for this to become profit. I mean a budget of 150 million will need a lot of foreign sales. Now I am going to try my best to find a better film to choose. The best one is Gravity, which will lead to a total of about $40,685,508. Now that is a much better number. Still Maybe just maybe, we could get to about even 45 million. Well here's how.

1. So on Saturday this film will need to make a 47% increase. I mean an A- on Cinema Score, is a good score for an increase. Anyways the average should be about $4,601 per theater.

2. Then on Sunday it can have a drop of about 30% so it can finally get 45 million. Also the theater average should be $3,220.

I am definitely confident that it could at least make about 35-42 million.

Although the last time I said that, Logan Lucky bombed. Anyways, let's move on.

Next is the Mountain Between Us which made $3,525,000 yesterday. So the question is how much can it make. Well say if this film is compared to The Finest Hour we get a total of about $10,919,168. Now that is pretty good. but we could do better I believe. How about Everest. When we do we get a new total of $11,697,344. Maybe there might be something like even 12 million. Well I couldn't find a better film. So I guess maybe I have to show how to make 12 million for this.

1. On Saturday this film must make an increase of about 40%. Meaning a theater average of about $1,599.

2. Then on Sunday this film must have a drop as low as 28% so it can just get 12 million. Meaning a theater average of about $1,511.

Maybe just in case we should say between 10-11.5 million, you know just in case.

The Next film is My Little Pony: The Movie, which made 2.97 million. Now basing that off the Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water, we get a total of about $11,148,480. Now that is pretty good. However, could we do better? Well maybe we should compare to Mr.Peabody and Sherman. When we do, we get a total of about $12,002,944. Now that is a bit better. However, is there anything in areas of dare I say 14 million? Well the highest I got is Strange Magic, with $12,536,352. Yes it is actually that difficult, to where I have to bring up a random movie that most people forgot about. So I believe that this is the best we can do. So let us say something between 10-12.5 million. Maybe this film could get a larger release. Maybe, one day at least.

Our next film is both surprisingly and yet non-surprisingly It. It made $2.5 million on Friday. After calculations we get a total of about $9,225,195. Now that could mean a total of about 304 or 305 million domestically. I find this film could make in total about 310-325 million in it's total domestic run. Now unless something like It comes again, It can sit on it's own record throne. Really I believe I can't improve it. It has far from succeeded, it has owned the box office without a doubt.

Anyways our next film is American Made, which grossed about $2,339,932. Now comparing to last week this will mean in a gross of about $6,389,348. Now that is a bad number. I mean this will eventually mean that this film could only make about 35-50. I mean foreign markets better be ready for more, like enough to make an additional $33,64,043 to just make 100 million, in foreign markets, and American Made better improve or else they won't make 150 million worldwide. Now maybe we could improve by comparing to something like Money Monster. Well if we do we get a new total of about $8,292,816. Now with that said this could get the film up to about 30 million. Now this film will need to just get about 20 million more to at least make its budget back. Still maybe just maybe we could get it up to 9 million. After work here's how.

1. On Saturday, this film must get a 75% increase. Meaning a theater average of about $1,351

2. Then on Sunday this film could have a drop of about 35%. Meaning a theater average of about $878.

Actually I believe that really 8 million is much more reasonable. Still maybe hoping or not that this film gets 9 million.

Now our 6th film is the most surprising one. Kingsman: The Golden Circle only made yesterday about $2.2 million. I mean when a film that was number one last week becomes umber 6 that is shocking. After comparisons I find that the Kingsman 2 could get $7,942,176. Now that is not to bad. I believe that this film could make about $90 million domestically. Now maybe by comparing to the original we get a better total. Well we do get $8,336,320. Still I don't believe that this will do much to affect my predictions. At most now it could be $91 or even $92 million. Although that is just enough to beat American Made for at least number 5. I mean the mixed reviews did kind of ruin the chance for it to do a lot better. Well at least it won't flop as bad as our next pick.

The Lego Ninjago Movie made yesterday about $1.6 million. After calculations I find this film could make about $7,063,116. Now that is actually decent. I mean at least there can be a chance where this could make about 70 million total domestically. Now with that though, could we do better. Well after comparing a lot of movies easily the best one was Norm of the North. Now if I compare it we get a total of about $9,189,995. Now that can certainly help this film as it could make it to about 46 million and maybe, just maybe we can get this film to even 80-85 million. I mean sure it will flop, but at least it can make its budget back.

Our newest wide release is Victoria and Abdul, I mean it was released in selected theaters already, but now it is now released in 732 theaters. Anyways it made about 1.2 million yesterday and will soon make based on itself about $4,464,648. By the way, I have been comparing a lot of movies, and they nearly don't come close to this alone. I mean easily there will be a release in over 1,000 theaters.

So Anyways, let's get on track with the tragic Flatliners.

Next we have to look at the film that is doing pretty bad, Flatliners. today it made about $1.084 million yesterday. Now by comparing to yesterday we get a total of about $3,353,328. Now maybe it is better when compared to The Lazarus Effect. Well a total of $3,547,280 isn't too better. Honestly I had hopes for this movie, but I don't seem to believe in this film anymore. Still I would like to show how it could make 4 million. So here's how.

1.On Saturday this film needs a increase of about 70%, meaning a theater average of about $735.

2. Then on Sunday this film will need a drop as low as 40% so it can finally get about 4 million.

Maybe, just maybe it could do it.

However, the biggest surprise is actually Battle of the Sexes, because it only made about $698k from still over 1,800 theaters. Now what does this mean for the film. Well this film could make about $2,155,426. Now that very underwhelming. Maybe it is better when comparing to say Wind River. Well when we do, we get $2,882,404. That is better, and honestly the best it could do. I mean I noticed my theater that was playing this film was also playing Victoria and Abdul, which is tough competition. Besides while it did fine, when it opened in over 1,200 theaters it only opened with 3.4 million. So expect this to be off the top ten by next week.

Anyways, see you tomorrow for the Box Office Check. Goodbye.

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