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I enjoy watching films and discussing them in terms of quality and how they perform financially.

Hey everybody. Happy New Year. With a new year comes a new crop of movies looking to jockey for position in the top ten. I have notice a pattern that every third year sees a bit of a slump at the box office and if history repeats itself, this year, the box office will be in for one of those slumps. I hope that does not happen this time. I will not be predicting worldwide grosses, because it is a lot harder to have an idea of worldwide prospects this early than it is for domestic prospects. Last year was my first time doing yearly predictions and I did you all a bit of a disservice last time. I predicted first place through tenth place from highest to lowest, thus not building the anticipation factor. I will predict from lowest to highest in the top ten this time to build up the anticipation factor, so I encourage you not to cheat and skip to the end. This year, we have major franchises returning to the big screen including but not limited to Guardians of the Galaxy, Alien, Pirates of the Caribbean, Despicable Me, Spiderman, Planet of the Apes, Thor, and Star Wars. There is also potential for new franchises to take hold and some sleeper hits as well. I would like to hear what you think as well. Without further ado, let's get down to my predictions for the top ten highest grossing films of 2017.

10. Wonder Woman (June 2)

I have a feeling that things could seriously turn around for the DC Cinematic Universe this year. This film is what is likely to be the turning point. The trailer has made it look like a blast and the fact that it is a standalone origin story could help. If it does end up being good, the DC Cinematic Universe could bounce back in a huge way. However, Wonder Woman is likely to have its breakout potential somewhat limited as it is sandwiched between Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and Spiderman Homecoming.

Domestic Opening Weekend: $77 million

Final Domestic Total: $232 million

9. Coco (November 22)

Not much is known about the plot so far, but this is a Pixar film that deals with the Day of the Dead. It could be argued that it might pull a Good Dinosaur, but I do not think this will be the case. That film likely flopped for two reasons. One was that it was not marketed well enough and the other is the fact that it was the second Pixar film of the year. While the latter is also the case this year, I do not expect Cars 3 to do very well, which means that this will be primed to earn a considerable amount.

Domestic Opening Weekend: $48 million

Final Domestic Total: $244 million

8. The Lego Batman Movie (February 10)

The Lego Batman Movie is likely to earn quite a bit more than I thought a couple weeks ago. There should be enough room for this to perform well, especially as Moana and Sing will have wound down by then. It will also have another month and a half before the next animated film that could potentially earn a substantial amount, Boss Baby, will be out. Also, with what we have seen from the trailers, this promises more of the self aware type of humor that The Lego Movie had to offer. No matter what, it will be big, possibly bigger than The Lego Movie.

Domestic Opening Weekend: $77 million

Final Domestic Total: $282 million

7. Spiderman Homecoming (July 7)

This might not reach the heights of the Sam Raimi Spiderman trilogy, but it should do better than both Amazing Spiderman films. Since the first one, each has seen a domestic decline, but Homecoming is likely to buck this trend. If I understand correctly, this is not a reboot. Audiences are going to be thankful for that, because they seem to be tiring of seeing his origin story. This time, Spiderman is being played by Tom Holland. He had some screen time in Captain America: Civil War as Spiderman. He only had about 15 minutes of screen time, but in those 15 minutes, he stole the show. Comic book fans were also pleased by the new Spiderman and claimed that they "got him right." I do not read comics, but that can only pay off commercially when Homecoming rolls around. This time around, rather than dealing with the origin of Spiderman, it is dealing with him trying to find his place as a new Avenger. Speaking of Avengers, Iron Man is in this film. Based on the trailers, it looks like he will play a fairly big role. That can do nothing but help.

Domestic Opening Weekend: $94 million

Final Domestic Total: $293 million

6. Despicable Me 3 (June 30)

Despicable Me 2 was the peak of the franchise in Summer 2013 with $368.1 million. Minions came along two Summers later and, while not quite earning as much as Despicable Me 2, it still made serious bank with $336 million. Despicable Me 3 might not reach the same heights as Despicable Me 2, but it is still hard to go wrong with those minions in tow. It might face a bit of Summer animation burnout after Cars 3, but it will likely earn close to the $336 million that Minions earned.

Domestic Opening Weekend: $99 million

Final Domestic Total: $329 million

5. Fate of the Furious (April 14)

Ever since the fourth Fast and Furious film, each new entry has earned more than its predecessor. This could be bigger than the last one, but I have a feeling audiences might have decided that enough is enough and it might see a small decline from its predecessor's high of $353 million.

Domestic Opening Weekend: $145 million

Final Domestic Total: $333 million

4. War for the Planet of the Apes (July 14)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes left audiences on a bit of a cliffhanger in Summer 2014. That movie was regarded by many, myself included, as a great sequel. It did what a sequel should always do. It elevated the stakes and tensions came to a head. War is likely to do much better. The trailers are giving away that this will be much more action packed and tension filled. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Domestic Opening Weekend: $133 million

Final Domestic Total: $392 million

3. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 (May 5)

In 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy became the Summer hit nobody saw coming and earned $333.2 million. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has built itself up so much since then that it is hard to bet against it. The first couple trailers have showcased some of the humor, but hopefully not too much will be revealed beforehand. Those trailers have also managed to keep the details of the plot under wraps and future ones will hopefully continue to do so.

Domestic Opening Weekend: $155 million

Final Domestic Total: $408 million

2. Justice League (November 17)

It might sound absurd that I am predicting this above Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, but as I stated in the Wonder Woman prediction, I have a feeling that the DC Cinematic Universe will turn over a new leaf this year. If Wonder Woman is good, that could raise anticipation for Justice League even further. Justice League is essentially what The Avengers was for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It likely won't do better than The Avengers, but if it does end up being well liked, it will not go unnoticed.

Domestic Opening Weekend: $168 million

Final Domestic Total: $427 million

1. Star Wars Episode VIII (December 15)

The Force Awakens shattered almost every record it could and ended with a good cliffhanger. That will help Episode 8 a little, but it would still be unreasonable to expect it to come close to Episode 7's $936.7 million total. Also, Star Wars fatigue may set in. Still, the brand is huge enough that this could still be number one for the year.

Domestic Opening Weekend: $146 million

Final Domestic Total: $524 million

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