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I enjoy watching films and discussing them in terms of quality and how they perform financially.

This Christmas weekend was still down from last Christmas, but it was still big. Of the five newcomers, four opened above $10 million. Here is what happened.

In first place, Rogue One stumbled 58.7% and added on $64 million for a total of $286 million through Sunday.

In second place, Sing earned $35.3 million Friday through Sunday, but it earned a total of $55.9 million since Wednesday.

In third place, Passengers had a disappointing $15.1 million from Friday through Sunday, but its five day total was $22.4 million.

In fourth place, Why Him? earned a solid $11 million for its opening weekend.

In fifth, Assassin's Creed bombed with a $10.3 million opening Friday through Sunday and a five day total of $17.8 million.

Outside the top five, in seventh place, Fences opened to $6.7 million. This is noticeably below the $18.2 million I predicted. On the other hand, though, I had originally thought the released date was moved forward to Friday, but it still opened on Sunday. Had it opened on Friday, it would likely have been very close to my prediction.

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