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I enjoy watching films and discussing them in terms of quality and how they perform financially.

This weekend should be a close battle between creepy thriller, Split, and the third entry in the action-packed XXX series. Here is what is likely to happen.

1. Split

M. Night Shyamalan's recent film is likely to win the weekend. It is a psychological thriller and is likely to do decently as it has good early reviews. Its questionable release time is likely to stop it from opening too high, but if audiences like it as much or more than critics seem to at this stage, it could go far. I am predicting an opening weekend of about $24 million.

2. XXX 3

The third entry in the XXX series is earning mixed reviews so far and is opening at a slow time of year, but it may still have the ability to open above $20 million as it has been aggressively advertised lately.

3. Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is likely to slip down to third after two weeks in a row on top. It will still likely have a very light drop as it is still adding more theaters. It will likely have a light enough drop to put it between $17 million and $19 million this weekend.

4. La La Land

La La Land has had so much momentum throughout these last few weeks and is also gaining more theaters, so it will not decline very much. It should end up between $11 million and $12 million this weekend.

5. Sing

Sing is likely to have a light decline with no family competition this weekend. It will likely earn just below $10 million this weekend.

Outside the Top Five:

McDonalds' origin story, The Founder, is opening in 1,115 theaters, which means its opening weekend potential will be quite limited. I am predicting an opening weekend between $5 million and $6 million. Silence is also expanding nationwide into 1,580 theaters and will likely open to about $7 million.

Here are my official predictions for the weekend.

1. Split: $24.5 million

2. XXX 3: $22 million

3. Hidden Figures: $18.2 million (-13%)

4. La La Land: $11.2 million (-23%)

5. Sing: $9.7 million (-32%)

Outside the Top Five:

Silence: $7 million

The Founder: $5.2 million

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