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I enjoy watching films and discussing them in terms of quality and how they perform financially.

This weekend is not looking like it will be that exciting. The top three places last weekend belonged to Fate of the Furious, Boss Baby, and Beauty and the Beast respectively. It looks like it will stay that way again this weekend as no newcomers appear to be in a position to open very high. Perhaps the most interesting thing this weekend will be how hard Furious 8 drops. While it made headlines worldwide with a record worldwide debut of $532 million, it didn't do groundbreaking business here and marked the beginning of the franchise's decline. Its reception is also mediocre compared to that of the last three entries, all of which declined between 59% and 65% in their sophomore frames. Thus, I am predicting a much steeper 68% drop. Boss Baby and Beast should have light drops and secure their place in second and third respectively. Tops among the newcomers should be Unforgettable and Born in China should be right behind it in fifth place. Nothing this weekend has been advertised well, but these two have been advertised a little more than the rest of the newcomers. Unforgettable should debut between $7 million and $8 million while Born in China should open just below $7 million. Outside of the top five, there are three other newcomers this weekend in the form of Free Fire, Phoenix Forgotten, and The Promise, all of which should debut at $3 million or lower due to their poor advertising efforts.

Official Weekend Forecast:

1. Fate of the Furious: $31.7 million (-68%)

2. The Boss Baby: $10.5 million (-34%)

3. Beauty and the Beast: $8.9 million (-35%)

4. Unforgettable: $7.5 million

5. Born in China: $6.8 million

Outside the Top Five:

The Promise: $3 million

Phoenix Forgotten: $2.4 million

Free Fire: $2.1 million

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