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I enjoy watching films and discussing them in terms of quality and how they perform financially.

This weekend, five newcomers entered the fray, but none of them really had debuts of consequence. Boo 2 took the lead easily with a $21.2 million, which was in the ballpark of what I predicted, but was still significantly behind the $28.5 million debut of its predecessor. Geostorm surprised in second place with a $13.7 million debut. While it opened noticeably higher than I predicted, it is still bad news considering the $120 million price tag the film carries. In third, Happy Death Day fell even harder than I expected. The film plummeted 64% and added on $9.4 million for a total of $40.7 million through Sunday. In fourth place, Blade Runner 2049 had another hard drop, falling 52.5% and adding $7.4 million on for a total of $74.2 million. Now, it appears as though clearing $100 million domestically is out of the question. Rounding out the top five, Only the Brave managed a meek $6 million debut. This is a bit above my forecast, but still bad considering the $38 million production budget. Outside the top five, in eighth place, The Snowman couldn't overcome the hate from critics and audiences alike. It's debut of $3.4 million is a little over a third of the debut I predicted. In 12th place, The Same Kind of Different as Me debuted right in line with my predictions with an awful $2.6 million and further exhibited the waning of faith-based films at the box office.

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