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I enjoy watching films and discussing them in terms of quality and how they perform financially.

This weekend, Coco is looking to deliver great results. Last time Pixar opened a film over Thanksgiving weekend was in 2015 with The Good Dinosaur. Coco should have no trouble topping that. Its reviews are great so far, unlike an overwhelming majority of the animated films we've had this year, which will help. This is also their first original project since The Good Dinosaur. The attachment of a Frozen short should benefit the film's opening weekend prospects as well as the fact that no animated film since Despicable Me 3 in June has cracked the century mark. I'm betting that it will wind up in the mid to high $60 millions for the three day weekend and rival Frozen's $67.4 million debut, which is the highest Thanksgiving debut of all time.

In second place, Justice League is likely to take a very steep tumble. Its disappointing $93.8 million opening wasn't a good sign to begin with, but reviews are mediocre as well. It is likely that it will fall over 60%, but given that its reviews are slightly better overall than they were for Batman Vs. Superman and Suicide Squad, it should not drop quite as hard as those films which dropped 69.1% and 67.4% in their sophomore frames, respectively. The other holdovers are likely to have light dips as Thanksgiving weekend is one of the strongest times at the movies. In third, Wonder should drop a light 5% with the great reviews it has enjoyed and its message of acceptance. Thor: Ragnarok will likely fall between 20% and 25% in fourth place and Daddy's Home will likely round out the top five with a 25% drop. Outside the top five, Roman J. Israel Esq. should open low with a minimal advertising effort and a low theater count of 1,669. The film will likely open between $3 million and $4 million for the Friday through Sunday frame.

Official Forecast:

1. Coco: $67.6 million

2. Justice League: $35.8 million (-62%)

3. Wonder: $26.1 million (-5%)

4. Thor: Ragnarok: $16.4 million (-24%)

5. Daddy's Home 2: $10.8 million (-25%)

Outside the Top Five:

Roman J. Israel Esq.: $3.9 million

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