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In 2014, Kingsman: The Secret Service busted through the movie theater doors like a Rolls Royce blasting M-16 assault rifles. Now Eggsy (), the fun-loving James Bond type with a swagger all his own, is back in the sequel . As the first full trailer dropped last night, several teasers were released in the past few months, the fans of the Kingsman stories are going bonkers.

The trailer offers a lot of fun nuggets of action and new off-the-wall characters. Would we have it any other way? Let's take a look at what some of the fans are saying on the internet about the trailer.

First Shots Fired

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so it looks like fans have a lot to express.

Of course, there's always room for subtlety. But you cannot deny their enthusiasm.

Guess Who's Back!

[Credit: Twentieth Century Fox]
[Credit: Twentieth Century Fox]

Although most people couldn't contain their excitement after watching the trailer, it was the surprise appearance of one of the characters that really got the fans all riled up. Harry Hart (), Eggsy's mentor and friend is alive and well (though, to be fair, the poster already gave that away). And now sporting an eye patch like Nick Fury.

This person is getting political.

Someone was playing close attention to Harry's style advice to Eggsy in the first movie.

This poster might be getting a little too excited because Harry reminds them of other familiar characters sporting eye patches. Can you blame them?

There's always someone with a conspiracy theory. Could it be true?

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Cowboy Up!

Not only were the fans jumping for joy because of the return of Harry, but they were rootin' and tootin' for the appearance of and as they twirl their guns and flip their cowboy hats. They are part of The Statesmen, the Kingsmen's American counterpart. Not to mention, a little as Ginger and as Poppy can't hurt either.

What a clever way to name the Americans and show off what Americans do best: cowboys and drinking! Not only will they be firing shots, but they will be drinking them as well. Down the hatch!

In case you are wondering, Channing Tatum plays Agent Tequila, Pedro Pascal plays Agent Whiskey, and Jeff Bridges plays Agent Champagne. Drinks on me!

If Harry doesn't do it for you, better believe Channing Tatum will. At least that's what these posters are implying.

Someone is obviously a movie buff. Good call on The Big Lebowski reference.

Looks like someone has a beef with Halle Berry and hair department.

It looks like Kingsman: The Golden Circle will continue its run and gun, physics-defying action sequences when hits theaters September 22nd, 2017. With the introduction of The Statesman (Channing, Bridges, Berry) we can look forward to seeing just how the free-wheeling Americans hold up to the high fashion of The Kingsman.

Who can't you wait to see fire it up in the The Kingsman: The Golden Circle?

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