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Anyone who has ever lived with a sibling knows that fights and spats happen all the time. In the most recent Game Of Thrones episode, "Beyond The Wall" we got to see just how much Arya has changed when she confronted Sansa about the note she found in Littlefinger's room. But it was the exchange after Sansa found Arya's "faces" where the confrontation went beyond a typical sister cat fight to a scene full of tension, threats and a Valyrian steel dagger. Some fans have speculated that Arya plans on killing Sansa because of her ambition of becoming the Queen of Winterfell by turning on Jon Snow.

But if you examine the scene closer, and pay a little more attention to Arya's behavior, it doesn't sound like Arya's intentions include wearing her sister's face.

Let's take a closer look and flesh out what really happened during the scene.

Arya Did Not Become A Knight

You knew something was going to happen the moment Sansa pulled out one of Arya's creepy masks. Sure enough, Arya was there to watch her sister look through her collection of faces. Like any other level-headed person, Sansa asked Arya why she had them in her room. Then, with more than a little bit of creepiness, Arya explained her training to become a Faceless Man. Arya even tried to get Sansa to participate in the Game of Faces to delve into how Sansa felt about usurping Jon to become the ruler of Winterfell. But was her statement about their childhood dreams and aspirations that revealed that Sansa is still wearing a mask to hide her true self:

"We both wanted to be other people when we were younger. You wanted to be a queen, and sit next to a handsome young king on the Iron Throne. I wanted to be a knight to pick up a sword like father and go into battle. Neither of us got to be the other person did we? The world doesn’t let go and decide what we are going to be. But I can now, I can choose to become someone else."

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

Just like Jon Snow and Dany, both Arya and Sansa have gone through their own versions of rebirth. However, what ideas that had before their changes have now taken a different direction. Arya has accepted what she has evolved into: an assassin with the skill of seeing the truth. I believe that in this speech, Arya is trying to convince Sansa to become something more than her dream of becoming a queen.

Arya Gives Sansa A Gift

In the next part of Arya's speech — words that would give Hannibal Lecter some chills — she describes how each of the faces give her the means to be whomever she wants, and do whatever she wants. Arya, slowly creeping toward Sansa, goes into detail about wearing Sansa's face to see what it would be like to be a queen. But we know that Arya has no interest in ruling or being a leader. She's a fighter. As she movies closer to Sansa, positioning herself as a physical threat, she grabs a dagger on the table.

It's the same dagger that Littlefinger gave to Bran and Bran then gifted to Arya, the dagger that has played a crucial role all throughout ' history. In one intense moment, Arya lurches toward Sansa with the dagger in hand, and then flips it around. She then hands the dagger to Sansa. We know that Arya could murder her sister in an instant. If you want to kill someone, you definitely don't hand them a weapon in secluded room. Instead, this gesture is Arya trying to tell Sansa that if she wants to be a queen or anything else, Sansa has to do it herself. Not with Littlefinger whispering his manipulative words in her ear.

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

It's as if Arya knows that Littlefinger is culprit behind Sansa's thoughts, and the dagger is way to cut those thoughts out of her head. Not only is Arya a trained fighter, but she has become a master of swimming through people's lies. Littlefinger is her greatest opponent because Sansa even told Arya that Littlefinger cannot be trusted. Maybe this is what Arya has been training for? To eliminate Littlefinger.

Even though Sansa and Arya have some similarities to Cersei, they are not a family looking to destroy each other. No matter how focused Arya is on her wiping out the people on her list and how full of anger and revenge she's become, the words of her father telling her in Season 1 that she and Sansa must stick together to survive have stayed with her. In the end, they are sisters who, although having been apart for some time, are learning how to bond again.

Do you think Arya has plans on killing Sansa? Leave your comments below!

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