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With a great You-Tube platform comes GREAT responsibility, well something like that anyways. YouTube is definitely the place for horror and even though Halloween is officially over for another year, the horror season is very much alive and kicking. So delve deep into my world of terror below as the night draws in.

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I make Horror! I breathe Horror! I absolutely LOVE it to death!!! (no pun intended). So basically SUBSCRIBE (here) if you're a fan of Horror, I'm planning on crafting a feature film aswell as a ton of Short-Horror-Films this year too. Here's a medley of my best:


Short and creepy camera shenanigans..

Knock at The Door

Popcorn Horror's 100 words or less horror competition winner! Have a listen to this short creepypasta, if you dare.


Watch and you'll never feel safe going to sleep again!


Never ask the dead for ANYTHING, you may not like what answers...


Snappy trailer for creepy attic terror short from the mind of Laura Blyth


So pleasant Screams and be sure To join my YouTube Channel for a medley of content

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Short-Films, Movie Reviews and More
Short-Films, Movie Reviews and More


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