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I started watching Dragon Ball at the age of 5 and I feel like I've grown up with Goku. But at this point the plots are predictable and boring. Goku wins every battle and there seems to be no limit to how powerful he can grow. Like you mentioned I think GT had the best idea by making him slightly more mortal and making smaller villains more dangerous and actually giving other characters (Trunks, and Pam) some time to shine. And I unlike most actually thought GT ended the entire series well with the battle of Shenron. My suggestion would be to stay in the same universe and maybe observe other plots. For example Vegeta was my favorite character how about a series about King Vegeta and the rise of the saiyan race. We can dive into how the race began King Vegetas enemies and it could show the good he did for the race and eventually end with Frieza. The show could even bring in Bardock! Just an Idea :D

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