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Batman & Robin is considered to be one of the worst superhero movies in history, and fans thoroughly enjoy making fun of it. But the heavy criticism makes us overlook the hard work behind it. Whatever we're watching, there's an incredibly dedicated production crew working nonstop –– whether in stunts, set designs, lighting or audio –– to make it a reality. And it's not their fault that the script was awful.

Fortunately, the movie's director, , has just given the film's production crew some well-deserved, if long-delayed, time in the spotlight.

The director recently sat down for an interview with Vice. There, he discussed the production and aftermath of . While speaking about the film's failure, Schumacher took full responsibility for its creative choices, but he also took the opportunity to highlight the production crew.

Overall, Schumacher felt their work was overshadowed by the movie's troubles:

"Look, I'm a very big boy. I take full responsibility. I walked into it with my eyes open and what I really feel bad about is the crew. We all know how great movie crews are. The special effects, stunt people, and everybody that breaks their asses along with the cast. Everybody worked really hard under very long hours. So I feel like their work wasn't acknowledged like it could have been.

The director then stressed that almost everything in the movie was his choice:

"A lot of it was my choice. No one is responsible for my mistakes but me."

Joel Schumacher Makes A Great Point

As Schumacher explained, a production crew's hard work is rarely given the credit it deserves. And to make matters worse, their work environment is quite unstable: a number of different situations can put their job in jeopardy.

Actors and directors may walk out of a critical failure just fine. In Batman & Robin's case, for example, , Arnold Schwarzenegger, Uma Thurman and Joel Schumacher went on to have successful careers. But for crew members, their future in the industry pretty much depends on how a film performs, which is unfair considering they are seldom aware of how the movie they're working on will turn out.

Then there are also film boycotts. We're too familiar with the numerous petitions and boycotts circling around the internet to take down a movie with with the intention to hurt studios. What those fans need to realize, though, is that they're talking about people and their livelihoods. No matter how unhappy you are with a movie or franchise, you probably don't intend to put an end to some lighting person's job.

Taking those two scenarios into account, Schumacher's comments were great. It's not common to see a director being so open about his responsibility for a flop, while recognizing the people behind the scenes who worked so hard on it. Hopefully his comments serve to give us all a better idea of what's at stake with production crews.

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(Source: Vice)

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