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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood. Whether it's because of their adorable relationship, incredible chemistry, great sense of humor, or all around awesomeness, people can't get enough of them. But they're actually even more awesome than we previously thought, thanks to a surprising link to a beloved Disney Channel franchise

It's true: The pair has family ties with one of the stars of 's High School Musical: is related to Coach Bolton, Troy Bolton's caring father... well, in real-life, I mean.

Bart Johnson, who played Coach Bolton, has been married to Lively's step-sister, Robyn Likely (Teen Witch, Doogie Howser, M.D., Ouija) since 1999, and they have three children together.

That makes him Blake Lively's brother-in-law, and the best part about this cool connection is that both celebrity families are quite close.

Last year, for example, was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Johnson went to the event, and posted a loving message to the actor on Instagram:

The caption read:

"With my sister and bestest friend, Blake Lively, at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame for an EPIC honoring of the hard work and dedication, vision, tenacity and success of a truly great man, Mr. Ryan Reynolds, who will forever be immortalized onHollywood Blvd with official icon status.

I think most young actors that come to Hollywood with nothing but a dream and a few pennies in their pocket, seem to make their way to this historic landmark and marvel at the legends that have come before them. Ryan, today you are one of the legends and forever recognized at this historic landmark. And that's dang cool! Congrats bro. you deserve this."

There was also the time where Johnson congratulated Lively for her Variety cover:

Neither Bart Johnson nor Robyn Lively have been very active in the entertainment industry as of late (each of their last acting credits were in 2015 with Chasing Ghosts for Lively and NCIS for Johnson), both choosing to focus on their family. As we can see, however, they're still quite active on social media.

With this piece of trivia, I won't be able to not think of when watching Blake Lively or Ryan Reynolds movies from now on (which will be especially mind-blowing while watching Deadpool 2).

Six degrees of Hollywood separation is always a fun game, right? Share more fun connections like this in the comments!

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