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How's this for "whiplash"?

Miles Teller (War Dogs, Fantastic Four, Bleed For This) was arrested for public intoxication early Sunday morning, according to a San Diego Police Department statement to reporters. However, the actor is denying the report on Twitter, claiming that he was merely detained.

According to E! News, the actor went out with a group of friends on Saturday, June 17, and at around 12.30 a.m. on Sunday, police approached Teller after noticing that he was slurring his speech and had difficulty maintaining his balance. According to E! News sources, the actor was so intoxicated that he almost fell into oncoming traffic.

Miles Teller in 'Bleed For This' [Credit: Open Road Films]
Miles Teller in 'Bleed For This' [Credit: Open Road Films]

The San Diego Police Department stated they then took the actor in:

"At that point it was determined he was unable to care for his own well-being. [Police] placed him under arrest for being drunk in public."

When getting caught drunk in public in San Diego, people have the option to go to detox –– a place to sleep it off for four hours. Reportedly, Teller chose this option. However, he became uncooperative so he was put in jail for hours, until he was released without bail, according to the E! News report.

Miles Teller Responds: 'No Evidence'

took to Twitter to explain his side of the story to fans. According to Teller, he went to San Diego to visit a friend before his deployment and was never arrested, but merely detained due to the lack of evidence that he had committed a crime:

He also cautioned people to not believe everything they read:

As for who's telling the truth, it's hard to make out what exactly happened from the two conflicting accounts, but that will likely be resolved soon if there are charges. Either way, it's good to know that the night ended safely for all involved.

[Source: E! News]

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