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The life of a celebrity is pretty glamorous, but don't let that fool you — prior to making it to the top, most stars struggled in their daily lives in the same way that any average person does. A great example of that is .

She's beloved around the world, plays Black Widow in the most successful superhero franchise of all time, and Forbes listed her as 2016's highest-grossing actor, with her movies bringing in $1.2 billion globally. But her life hasn't been free of hardships.

Scarlett's Humble Roots

The actress sat down for an in-depth interview with Inside The Actors Studio, hosted by James Lipton. There, she opened up about her difficult childhood, revealing that her large family depended on government aid to get by:

"We were living on welfare, we were on food stamps. My parents were raising four kids in a low-income household in Manhattan. So, it was a lot."

Making the situation even more difficult for her and her three siblings, their parents' relationship wasn't going well:

"My mom tried to be as much as a buffer as possible with that experience. But by the time my twin brother and I came around, I think my parents' marriage, it had a lot of strain."

Ultimately the marriage ended. Her mother moved to California, while Johansson and her twin brother stayed in New York to live with their father. Those are incredibly difficult things to go through, especially as a child — but such hardships also made her stronger, and most importantly, they inspired her to do something with her experience.

She's Now Using Her Voice For Bigger And Better Things

Scarlett Johansson is now speaking out against poverty, and she's helping those suffering from what she had go through as a child. Back in 2015, for example, Johansson acted as a spokesperson for Feeding America, and she opened up to her fans about the struggles of hunger in one promotional video:

In January 2017, Johansson gave a speech during the Women's March in Washington, D.C. The actress discussed the importance of Planned Parenthood and spoke against limiting access to it:

"No judgment, no questions asked, Planned Parenthood provided a safe place where I could be treated with gentle guidance [...] I bet there isn't one person here who has not been helped by Planned Parenthood, directly or otherwise [...] There are very real and devastating consequences to limiting access to what should be considered basic healthcare."

What Johansson is doing is incredibly powerful. Even though she now leads a completely different lifestyle from what she had to go through as a child, and she could easily look the other way and ignore the problems around her, instead she chooses to use her status and her experience to make an impact in people's lives. That's a superhero in my book.

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