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In 2015 audiences got the chance to journey back into the Rocky Balboa universe with Creed. The movie introduced us to a new protagonist, Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), Apollo Creed's illegitimate son, who –– just like Rocky –– was willing to fight against anything and anyone to get to the top. The movie became an astounding success, earning $173.6 million globally on a $35 million budget.

Those numbers got a sequel rolling pretty quickly, yet unfortunately for our information-hungry selves, details on the upcoming film have been scarce. Taking advantage of that dry period, took the opportunity to tease us with a potential antagonist for Creed 2: 's biggest, baddest pain in the neck, and Apollo Creed's murderer, Ivan Drago.

Well, sort of. It all started around a week ago when Stallone posted a picture of himself annoying Dolph Lundgren on the set of Rocky IV on his official Instagram:

The same day he posted another picture of himself alongside Dolph Lundgren, hanging out in between brutal takes and captioned with the hashtag :

A few days later he shared another. In this particular shot Stallone reminisced about directing the fight between Apollo Creed and — but again, going down memory lane wasn't the only purpose of this post. He cryptically stated that such an epic encounter could be repeated:

Days later, Stallone shared this photoshopped image featuring 's Creed facing off against Drago, with Rocky looking on in the background:

What In The World Is Going On Here?

So, is Drago actually returning to the big screen or is Sly just toying around with our feelings? The actor didn't respond to EW's request for an explanation, but sadly — if we think about it — it was probably just a joke:

Drago was a live-action cartoon enemy. He was a towering, emotionless baddie (and, as a side note, I'm pretty sure the movie hinted at him being a cyborg), and the vibe of was considerably over-the-top in comparison to Creed. The latest film in the franchise carried much more realism. It was a simple story about a down-on-his-luck guy punching his way to the top as a boxer. It didn't have any talking robots, larger-than-life enemies or international conflicts that could be fixed with one nail-biting boxing match. Ivan Drago would bring a completely different tone to the story, one that unfortunately wouldn't mesh well.

But Still, How Awesome Would A Crossover Like That Be?

Even though it was undoubtably a joke, and the tones of the two characters probably wouldn't work together, I hope I'm not alone in thinking just how awesome a crossover like this would be. If Ivan ended up as Creed's adversary, their encounter could be one of the most awesome — no, epic — fights in Rocky history. And not because of the swell-inducing punches, but because of the emotion that would be clashing around the ring. Drago murdered Adonis' father; how would our young hero react if he had to face him? It would be a brutal fight!

Plus is in perfect shape. Let's face it: Despite his age, the man looks like he can knock out a lion with his pinky, so he's definitely on form to be a believable threat to Adonis. I mean, look at those arms:

Now, even if this encounter never happens, it goes without saying that Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler did a fantastic job with , so I can't wait to see what they have in store for us with Creed 2.

What do you think about Sylvester Stallone teasing the battle of the century between Ivan Drago and Adonis Creed? Would you like to see it happen? Let me know in the comments!

(Source: EW)

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