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I'm an avid movie fan whose favorite movie ever is Back to the Future. I'm the type of person that if I like a TV show, I'll binge watch it

The Office introduced us to unforgettable characters, from the goofy and totally oblivious Michael, to Jim Harper, and Pam Beesly. None, however, were as unique as the lovably insufferable Dwight Schrute, played by Rainn Wilson. Schrute was obnoxious, couldn't take a joke to save his life, and, let's face it, was sometimes downright creepy.

Even so, something about the survivalist geek got people cheering him on in every episode. (There was a good reason he was once expected to get his own spinoff series.)

It's been a few years since went off the air, so we haven't heard or seen Dwight in a while. Thankfully, Rainn Wilson just brought the character back in the most unexpected (and awesome) way.

The actor recently went on Crooked Media's Lovett or Leave It podcast. During his chat, host Jon Lovett asked Wilson to spin the "rant wheel," which is decorated with specific topics for Wilson to rant about. The wheel landed on the "I'm not " section. To the delight of every Office fan, we got this rant:

"I am not Dwight Schrute, okay? I played a character for 200 episodes, and it was an awesome character, and he was a beet farmer. That doesn't mean that you should hand me beets and make beet jokes every time I go into Starbucks and ask if they have like a beet latte or something like that."

He continued, pulling out more of Dwight's distinctive traits:

"Don't hand me reams of paper, and don’t say 'fact' to me, and don't ask me which bear is best, because I am a human being of service to the women and girls of Haiti and to others in this planet, and I am not a beet farmer. So, f— you... And thank you for watching the Emmy-winning show, 'The Office.'"

[Credit: NBC]
[Credit: NBC]

That "human being of service" line refers to Wilson's work as part of Lidé Haiti, a non-profit organization that uses arts and literacy to educate young at-risk girls from Haiti.

That rant sounded like the words of a broken man. It felt like hearing Dwight in one of his long "Jim-bothered-me" rants all over again, and I won't lie, it was awesome.

Rainn Wilson Keeps Channeling Dwight

But maybe Dwight never really went away?

This isn't the first time has brought back his character in real life. In fact, he does it regularly, in small ways, on social media. Last month, he reunited with his fellow Office co-worker Oscar (a.k.a. Oscar Nunez), to consume an unidentified sea creature (please note the use of sarcasm here):

Harkening back to Dwight's nonsensical hobbies earlier that same year, the actor shared the making of of a weird (and honestly boring) action movie starring a pair of goats:

Only Dwight would watch that. Speaking of strange practices, Schrute was unbelievably paranoid, and Wilson is happy to play that game from time to time, too. He sees prying eyes even in the comfort of his own airplane seat... but we see them, too.

Dwight claimed to be an avid hunter. Even Wilson's antics with the family dog have a little Dwight in them:

And of course, we can't forget the time he nominated himself as the new FBI director after James Comey was fired in May:

I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable with Dwight in a position of power. We've seen what he does with a paper company, and I'm not willing to find out what he would do if in control of the FBI.

See? He's a real-life Dwight Schrute. That may be scary for some people but let's not kid ourselves, we love to know the character's still around. Hopefully he keeps bringing back the talented paper salesman in the near future for us Office fans.

Would you like to see more real-life appearances by the character? Let me know in the comments!

(Source: Lovett or Leave It)

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