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Raven's Home will allow us to reconnect with the character of Raven Baxter, the perky teenager we met and fell in love with in Disney's classic show That's So Raven. Ten years have passed since it ended, and there's a lot of stuff we need to catch up on. The revival will center around Raven and her best friend, Chelsea, moving in together to raise their children. As details about the series began to emerge a few months ago, we learned that Raven's baby daddy and ex husband was her high school sweetheart, Devon Carter.

Knowing our beloved psychic had parted ways with they guy everyone saw as perfect for her was a hard blow to fans, but the question on everyone's minds was: What happened between them? Well, fellow Raven geeks, we just discovered the heartbreaking reason behind that decision.

sat down for an interview with Seventeen to celebrate the release of Raven's Home. There, the actress opened up about the relationship between the characters. First of all, she made it clear that it was her decision to have them break up:

"I was a part of that decision to have Devon as Raven's ex-husband. Everyone was torn with the decision — who should it be? I’ve always found Raven’s relationship with Devon interesting. And like, how about a little bit of nostalgia?"

But again, what exactly got them to drift apart? Well, get ready to pull out the tissues. You see, as time passed, the once strong power couple realized they just weren't right for each other:

"They were high school sweethearts, but things change. People marry their high school sweethearts and then they grow up and things change and they get divorced and things are good because there's still friendship there."

As heartbreaking as that is, there's a silver lining to the story.

A Different Side To Divorce

Usually, when we see divorce on screen, it's not an amicable situation. It's more common to see parents fighting amongst each other, or tensely skirting around their issues until they blow up. Although that happens a lot, but there are also amicable divorces — separations in which people just understand they're not right for each other and part ways. While that's not common to see in entertainment, it's a refreshing approach to the topic of divorce. As Symoné explained:

"There are so many types of divorces portrayed on TV but we wanted to go the route of you can have a happy divorce. We're friends! He’s a very involved dad, and we get along. I’m sure we’ve had our issues in the past but for the kids, our issues are in the past."

Raven and Devon may not be an item anymore, but they still love and support each other, and are willing to make things work for their children. That's a unique take on a love story, one which is sorely needed for families who're actually in that situation. And the great thing about this approach is that it's a double-win for representation, because Raven and Devon's divorce is a jumping off point for a topic that's also seldom explored on television: having a non-conventional family.

[Credit: Disney Channel]
[Credit: Disney Channel]

Raven's divorce opened the door for the powerful central theme of the new series: Raven and Chelsea living together as single mothers. During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Raven-Symoné expressed her excitement about exploring that storyline:

"The show is based on how you can have a family in an untraditional sense. Just because you don’t have a mother and a father in the home doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy, happy family. It's something comprehensive and true to life and many people go through on an everyday basis."

Movies and television are one of the biggest influences for children. A lot of the time, entertainment helps shape their mindsets and the way they see the world. That's why it's important for series like to tackle situations that may not be conventional but happen in real life.

The more I hear about this series, I can't wait to see Raven teaching the audience lessons and bringing a whole lot of fun to people once again. Our beloved psychic, Chelsea, and their children return to the on July 21, 2017.

What do you think about the reason behind Raven and Devon's divorce? Do you like that Raven's Home is tackling that subject? Let me know in the comments!

(Source: Seventeen)

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