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How I Met Your Mother presented us with five unforgettable characters with surprisingly defined personalities. Ted was the everyman looking for his one true love, Lily was deceivingly tough, Marshall was soft and caring, Robin was driven and loyal, and Barney was the unapologetic bachelor who slept with literally anyone he came across. Those personalities were established over the show's nine year run and we came to understand and love these five main players for who they were. But what if I told you we might have been looking at the characters the wrong way this entire time?

According to one fan's explosive theory, 's Ted wasn't the lovesick, hopeless romantic we always pegged him to be. Instead, he was possibly an overly-controlling sociopath that smeared the memory of one of his best friends in order to make it look like he ended up with his dream soulmate.

Yes, the theory is as dark and creepy as it sounds, but allow me to explain further (just a warning, take a deep breath and get ready to probably have your beliefs shattered).

We Probably Never Noticed Ted's Deep Dark Side

One dedicated Tumblr user by the name of Gingersaurus came up with a bold theory: Barney was never actually the sex-addicted, careless playboy the show always made him out to be. Instead, that detrimental image was created by older Ted to make his best bro look like the bad guy in the eyes of his children while also making them think it's okay Ted made a move on Robin after her marriage to Barney failed:

"That moment when you realize that Barney Stinson was probably not as much of a jerk or a womanizer as he was portrayed to be, but that the story was narrated by future Ted, trying to get his children to approve of him dating Robin again, so future Ted had to make the man Robin married look like the bad guy in the story."

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Holy cow, that's quite dark, and if I'm being completely honest, I never saw Barney and Ted's relationship under such a treacherous light. Now, this isn't an official piece of information from anyone who worked on the show, so most of you, skeptical readers are probably wondering whether there's any truth to this bit of speculation.

Was Ted Actually A Sociopath Or Is This Theory Reaching Too Far?

Surprisingly, as far as dark fan theories about beloved shows go, this one might actually have legs. The entirety of How I Met Your Mother is told through Ted's point of view. This wouldn't be a big deal if he were a reliable source of information, but he's proven to be an unreliable narrator time and time again.

Putting the fact that he's essentially an alcoholic who spent most of his days drunk, he's changed crucial details of his life story depending on the situation. He stated he had visited all major landmarks in New York with Victoria, even though they actually stayed at home. During the Season 5 premiere, "Definitions," he had to make up what Robin said about him as a boyfriend while locked in her room with Barney.

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

In general, Ted bends his story as he needs and you know what? As I'm writing this, I realize there's a chance Tumblr user could be right. Keep in mind, I'm sure that Ted isn't actually a high-functioning sociopath. However, this creepy theory is definitely something to consider, and will probably give fans a new perspective on the infamous finale, which pretty much everyone disliked.

Do you feel this dark proposition is true? Did Ted actually smear Barney's image in order for his kids to be onboard with the idea of him dating Aunt Robin? Let me know in the comments!

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