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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story introduced us to a new batch of heroes who resonated well with audiences, and one of the standouts was K-2SO, voiced by Alan Tudyk. The reprogrammed Empire droid was sarcastic and rude — but beneath those tough layers there was a loyal companion willing to follow his friends into any adventure, no matter how perilous.

Sadly, K-2SO died at the end of the film (let's face it, pretty much all of us cried when his eyes turned off). Seeing how Rogue One was a prequel to A New Hope, there wasn't really hope for the character making his presence felt in the universe once again, at least on the big screen.

Fortunately, while his big screen career is very unlikely at this point, the android is coming back to life.

K-2SO Is Returning For A New Star Wars Tale, Thanks To Alan Tudyk

[Credit: IDW]
[Credit: IDW]

In an effort to give younger audiences an easy entrance into the heavy Star Wars lore, IDW Comics and Lucasfilm created a new comic book series called Star Wars Adventures, which focuses on various kid-friendly adventures set in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Issue #3 will feature a story titled "Adventures In Wookiee-Sitting." That story, my fellow geeks, will mark the return of and Cassian Andor.

While plot details are being kept under wraps right now, we do know that the pair will embark on a mission alongside baby Wookies. If you're curious to take a peek into this new tale, IDW Publishing and Nerdist released an exciting preview:

[Credit: IDW Publishing]
[Credit: IDW Publishing]

That's not the best part, though. As it turns out, is the man responsible for bringing the adorable robot to life once again. During an interview with Nerdist, the actor shared his writing process, which consists of taking advantage of his experience playing the character in live-action: "I wrote some of K-2SO's words in this. I know how he speaks and thinks since I spoke and thunk him in Rogue One."

It's great to see that Lucasfilm made the effort to get Tudyk back, because as he put it, he played a big part in forming the droid's personality. The actor improvised numerous fan-favorite lines and moments, such as slapping Cassian after pretending to capture him and Jyn, and telling Jyn he was coming with her to steal the Death Star plans because Cassiand said he had to.

Now, the comic book's tone is clearly more lighthearted than your average Star Wars story. While it's great to see the two partners interacting in a more relaxed environment, I can't deny it's still quite heartbreaking to know they're gone in the live-action side of things.

Will We Ever See K-2SO Again Outside Of A Comic Book?

While K-2SO is probably done-for in the film corner of the Galaxy Far, Far Away, there may be one more medium in which the metal hero can thrive in: animation. During an interview with, Rogue One's animation supervisor, Hal Hickel, stated that including the droid in a show, more specifically Rebels, wouldn't contradict the Star Wars mythos at all:

"That'd be great. And I don't think it would contradict anything to see him walk through that universe as well. I don't see why that would be a thing... In fact, wiping droid memories is a great way to ret-con a whole bunch of... problems... with... never mind."

That was pretty vague, but it's not a "no." And hey, at least we have this new . Admittedly, it will not be the triumphant return to live-action we were hoping for, but it's still great to know we'll get another story with the droid and his brave reprogrammer.

If you can't wait to see K-2SO being brought back to life, Star Wars Adventures #3 will hit shelves on October 11, 2017. While we wait for that to happen, you can can catch up with Alan Tudyk's numerous voice roles:

How do you feel about K2-SO coming back to life? How sad were you after he died in the film? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Nerdist]

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