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Stranger Things Season 2 is just a week away, so to celebrate — and in honor of Halloween — Movie Pilot's own Marco and Phill gave away two boxes full of horror goodness, courtesy of Netflix, on Super News Live. One box was filled with memorabilia from various horror films currently available on the streaming site; the other was jam-packed with Stranger Things collectibles. Watch it below:

To win the mouth-watering prizes inside the boxes, the rules were simple: Marco read a clue about whichever horror film was referenced by the items, and fans had 60 seconds to guess which movie he was referring to. Two lucky winners got to take home some really cool prizes. Here's what we had to offer:

1. Clue: "Don't Cook That Meat You Needn't Be Hasty. Fresh And Bloody Can Be Quite Tasty"

There's no shortage of horror movies in which humans get eaten, so fans had a challenge with the giveaway's first entry. As a clue (and one of the giveaway items), provided a forearm wrapped in a Meat Market package. The film referenced was 2016's , a thriller centered around a vegetarian woman who, after being forced to eat raw meat, becomes a bloodthirsty cannibal, eager to sink her teeth on anyone she can.

The Stranger Things Prize: The fun began with a two-pack action figure set featuring Dustin and Lucas...

2. Clue: "Welcome To The Lone Star State. Watching Tourists Get Chopped Up Is Gonna Be Great."

lives in Texas and has a knack for dismembering people, so the clue and the rotten foot were dead giveaways for the movie in question being 2006's . Can you imagine the kind of pranks you can pull with a prop like that?

The Stranger Things Prize: As a good incentive to get into Stranger Things' memorable '80s groove for Season 2, the Super News Team had a box of pins for your backpack or jacket...

That's awesome, but believe it or not, the bundle got even better with a replica of Dustin's signature red, white and blue hat:

3. Clue: "These People Are Sick. We Can't Find A Cure. They Want Us For Breakfast, Of That We Are Sure."

I'm not gonna lie, this was one of the hardest bits of trivia from the contest: Three banana bags filled with blood. In case you didn't get the answer, the film referenced was What We Become, a Danish thriller centered around a family fighting for survival after a mysterious zombie virus breaks out in their town.

The Stranger Things Prize: Hmmm, Dustin has been popping up all over the place lately. Accompanying the blood-filled banana bags, a Mini Dustin ! keychain came around to make your keys a whole lot more awesome...

Amping up the greatness of the prizes, the keychain came with a Stranger Things baseball tee, featuring the show's main characters on the front.

That's a good team of people to have defending you from any mystical threats while you walk down the street.

4. Clue: "Some Dolls Are Nice. This One Is Crabby. He's In The Mood To Get A Bit Stabby."

You can't really talk about creepy dolls without bringing up Chucky, and sure enough, the movie Phil and Marco were thinking about was 2013's Curse of Chucky. This new chapter in the Child's Play franchise deals with Chucky resurfacing 25 years after the first film, and wreaking havoc once again in the houses of unsuspecting families.

The Stranger Things Prize: Making fans' headgear choices a little bigger, the Super News Live duo unveiled yet another cap. This time around, it was all black with the Stranger Things logo right at the center, so people can proudly display their love for the show while walking on the street.

The fun didn't stop there, though. The team also unveiled an Eleven Funko Pop! for any action figure collectors out there.

There was something special about this collectible, because it's actually a New York Comic Con exclusive edition, and those aren't easy to come by.

5. Clue: "Some Houses Need Paint, Some Need New Studs. All This One Requires Is Fresh Human Blood"

Hmmm, 10 severed doll heads in a house that wants blood... Need a hand? These clues are for , a 2015 horror/thriller about a couple who move into a new house following the death of their son, Bobby. As you might have imagined, the house isn't the best place to be, and the couple starts experiencing supernatural occurrences.

The Stranger Things Prize: Believe it or not, there's a perfect match for the black hat shown above: A black backpack plastered with the Stranger Things logo.

6. Clue: "It's Easy To Pin Down What's Wrong With This Man, Consuming Your Blood Is His Master Plan."

Hanging fingers paired with a note talking about a man who wants to drink someone's blood? Yep, that's definitely Hellraiser. As gruesome as the finger collar looks, it's a great item to have displayed in your home on Halloween night. The severed limbs look realistic enough to scare a few unsuspecting passersby.

The Stranger Things Prize: We all know how much Eleven loves her Eggo waffles. Fortunately, Phill and Marco had a special item for any fellow lovers of the dessert: A Stranger Things-themed card game with cards shaped like waffles.

7. Clue: "There's No Going Back To Normal, For This Sleepy Town. Horror Is Coming From The Upside Down."

Stranger Things Season 2 is right around the corner, and to get us ready for the event, Netflix sent a cryptic piece of Tupperware filled with green slime. Inside of it, there was another surprise: A demagorgon keychain.

The Stranger Things Prize: Ever wanted to communicate with the Upside Down? Now's your chance, with the Stranger Things ouija board, a remarkably faithful recreation of the board used by our beloved characters.

But hey, if you aren't in the mood to call up spirits, you can also get involved with the show's universe through a Stranger Things Monopoly set. Definitely a good board game for fans of the show eager to buy up the town of Hawkins.

As mentioned, two lucky viewers got to go home with the loot. Rachel Hein won Netflix's horror-centric box, while Nicholas Johnson got the Stranger Things merchandise. Congratulations to the winners! If you want to take your shot at winning these types of prizes, don't forget to tune in to the Super News Live Facebook page.

If these awesome pieces of merchandise have got you craving for more horror in your life, you're in luck. Each of the movies listed here are currently available to stream on Netflix. As for Stranger Things? You'll be able to binge Season 2 on October 27.

What was your favorite geeky item in the video? Let me know in the comments!

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