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Following months of excitement and nail-biting speculation, The Walking Dead returned to television for its eighth season. As we've come to expect from the hit series, the premiere had its fair share of shocking moments. One of the biggest jaw-droppers came courtesy of Old Man Rick. Throughout the episode, fans were introduced to an older version of our beloved protagonist in flash-foward sequences as he interacted with Michonne, Coral... err, Carl and Judith in a world seemingly free of walkers.

The sequences were as intriguing as they were confusing, and one of the most puzzling things about them was the choice of music. The episode opened with Rick waking up to 's 'Another One Rides The Bus,' a parody cover of the beloved Queen song, 'Another One Bites The Dust.'

The song continued throughout each scene, and its apparent randomness caught a lot of viewers off-guard.

The Internet Was Straight Confused About 'Another One Rides The Bus'

As we've seen numerous times in the past, internet users have a tendency to freak out and naturally, this time was no different. There were a considerable amount of people online who just couldn't understand why the parody song was included, what it meant for the story, or were just excited by the fact that it was used in the first place:

The confusion didn't stop there, folks.

Weird Al Yankovic Himself Responded To The Shoutout

The puzzlement extended to the song's very own creator. That's right, Weird Al Yankovic himself took to Twitter to share both his confusion and excitement over his creation on such a popular piece of entertainment:

Coincidentally, all of this occurred on October 22, just a day before Yankovic's birthday.

Does The Song Have Anything To Do With The Show's Plot?

The Walking Dead is one of those shows that people love to pick apart and speculate over. Taking that into account, we're all wondering whether Yankovic's song plays into Season 8's overarching plot. Could there be a clever bit of foreshadowing behind 'Another One Rides The Bus'? It's a possibility, but ultimately, the answer to that mystery lies in the relevance of 's sequences. Were they simple hallucinations or actual glimpses into the future?

Shortly after the season premiere, sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the episode, and the executive producer was asked about how it felt bringing Old Man Rick to life. While his answer was vague, he seemed to hint at the fact that Rick's vision of the future was something more than just your average dream sequence:

"It's always exciting when you have those opportunities to realize panels from the comic book that are evocative. When they walk out of the front of the house and we see Alexandria as a thriving, vibrant community, it gives us hope. It gives us a great opportunity to glimpse into the future and see that even though they're in this dark, war-like time, that there's a great possibility that things will work out for everybody and it's good times."

That's an exciting prospect, but it's important to remember that, even if Rick's flash-forwards do end up meaning something bigger for the show, we can't rely on going crazy over the meaning of 'Another One Rides The Bus.' Yes, it's intriguing to think the people behind the series planted a clue with the song, but for all we know, it could have simply been a joke to ease up the show's usually dark storyline. Either way, we'll get to know more as Season 8 progresses.

What did you think about Weird Al Yankovic's "Another One Bites The Dust" cover in The Walking Dead Season 8 premiere? Were you just as confused to hear it as the internet was? Let me know in the comments!

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