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Pixar is one of the most beloved companies out there who more than likely made some of your favourite movies ever. Then people make up theories about it and suddenly your child friendly movie gets a little darker or just makes you rethink the whole movie. The theories I picked are one's I found interesting but I made a rule to myself that I'm not picking any of the many theories of how people are related. Seriously there's so many just saying these two are cousins or long a lost brother it's going to get to the point when is dad but does that make sense ? No it doesn't but someone out there could probably link it together. That's enough ranting let's get into the theories.

Was Andy's mom Jessie's previous owner ( 2)

This one is a nice one nothing dark about or anything it's just a family friendly theory. The theory is that Jesse's previous owner was Andy's mother. In a flashback we see a girl called Emily who was Jesse's owner when she was younger. In the flashback you see Emily wearing a Jesse hat and also in Toy Story one we see Andy wearing the same hat or a very similar one. Also the age of Andy's mom now and how long ago Jesse was given away supposedly add up. I like this theory it's nice, it's believable and in my opinion it's a good theory.

Bing bong is really a monster from . ()

People are theorising that the well beloved Bing Bong from Inside out is a monster from Monsters Inc who used to visit Riley when she was younger. Spoiler ahead! When Bing Bong falls into the pit and starts to fade it's only the memory of him that dies not the real Bing Bong. Well this makes more sense than I originally thought. I remember now at the end of Monster Inc they changed to laughter of kids instead of screams. This makes way more sense seeing as Bing Bong isn't the most intimidating monster but he does seem like a funny one.

is set 10'000 years in the future

Okay this one seems a bit of a far stretch I know but the reason they give is pretty believable. So this starts with the genie saying "10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck!" after he leaves his lamp. The main part of the whole theory is that the genie makes references to our modern day like impressions of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack Nicholson. This leads people to believe that when the genie was last out of his lamp it was during our age so when he says he was trapped in there for 10'000 people presume that it's 10'000 years in the future from us. I'd prefer a theory that tells us how the world came to be like in Aladdin because there doesn't seem to be any technology expect for a carpet shaped hover board.

is wearing the pelt of Sven's mother ()

This is when the stories get a little darker. Think Bambi's mother but about 10 times more disturbing. So the theory goes that Sven's mother was murdered by ice harvesters and her pelt was given to baby Kristoff. Yeah this was was a bit disturbing but it would explain why a reindeer would befriend a human and why the two have such a long lasting friendship. The beloved Frozen movie just got a little darker.

Did Carl die at the end of

We have come to the last theory and if you were hoping for a happy ending then maybe you shouldn't read this last part. The theory goes that Carl died near the start of Up from old age. The house flying from the balloons and the talking dogs was what sparked this theory. The theory also says that the whole movie was his journey to the afterlife. Now although I hate the thought of Carl being dead but it is kind of nice that his journey to the afterlife was the trip he always wanted to take. It doesn't mention how Russell fits into this but my theory is he's either the son Carl and his wife never had or an angel helping Carl on his journey

This was a fun article for me to write I hope you enjoy it. Theories can make movies better, wrecked them or completely give them a whole new meaning which is why they are fun.

So I have a question for you, what's your favourite Pixar theory ?

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