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I'm writing this article because I'm really excited for the return of the hit show Riverdale. I will be telling you everything there is to know before Riverdale is back on the 11th of October. So let's not waste anytime and get into what everyone wants to know.

The names of the episode's

So the first five chapter names have been revealed. We all know that the title of each chapter gives a hint to something that happens in each one. You can guess that this has lead to a load of speculation of what's in store for us in the first five chapters of the show.

Chapter 14 - A Kiss Before Dying

Now obviously assuming this is a give away that Fred Andrews is going to die. But in my opinion I think it has something to do with something completely different because I don't think the creators would be that obvious in relation to Fred Andrews fate.

Chapter 15 - Nighthawks

This could be hinting at a new gang like the Serpents or maybe the gang get together for an adventure at night because they have a possible lead on the shooter. The most popular theory on Reddit is that it's in relation a painting with the same name.

Chapter 16 - The watcher in the woods

We know this chapter is based on Kevin Keller who shouldn't go into the woods. Is kevin going to be in danger ?

Chapter 17 - The town that dreaded sundown

This is also the name of a horror movie co wrote by the creator of Riverdale Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. People on Reddit are speculating there could be another murder in this chapter but who ?

Chapter 18 - When a stranger calls

There's not really any theories on this chapter but we know that the name comes from a movie of the same name that came out in 1970. So my theory is that Jughead will finally have to choose between Betty and the Serpents so the serpents harass Betty over the phone threatening her to stay away from Jughead.

New and replaced characters

The Lodge family will now be complete with the much waited edition of Hirim Lodge played by Mark Consuelos. With the arrival of Hirim will there also be an increase of evil that spreads over Riverdale. From what we know Hirim could possibly be the new villain especially for Archie because Hirim is a family man who is protective especially when it comes to Veronica. Hermione has shown her dark side and will probably go with Hirim in what ever direction he decides to take. Even Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa compares them to Frank and Claire Underwood from House Of Cards. Or being in prison could of reformed Hirim we'll have to wait and see.

A complete new character never mentioned in the show before will be added to the show. Her name is Toni Lopez played by Vanessa Morgan. The only thing we know about the character is that she is bi-sexual and is a member of the Southside Serpents. I'm intrigued to find out how they use her character.

Reggie who was played by Ross Butler was replaced by Charlie Melton. This was because Ross Butler is also on the show 13 reasons Why and both show clashed while filming. Reggie was under used in season 1 so hopefully with this cast changed they develop the character more.


Archie and Veronica or Varchie will have a rough patch in season 2. First we will see if Veronica will stick by Archie through his hard time and also will Hirim try to destroy their relationship or even Archie at his lowest point. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa compares Archie's character development in season 2 will be like Bruce Wayne or Peter Parker. Last time I checked Archie wasn't a billionaire or have super powers well unless you count the ability to punch through ice a super power. In my opinion we are going to see a more reckless Archie in this season.

Betty and Jughead or Bughead will be going through a rough patch of their own. Jug is still in a different school and town oh and don't forget he could possible be joining the Southside Serpents. We saw that Betty didn't look too happy when he put on the jacket so will jug try to live a double life and what would happen if these life's colliding ?

Jug is starting to find out who he really is and this will be established on more in season 2.

Possible other things to expect in Season 2

This first one's a bit silly but creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa did say that Sabrina the teenage witch and Archie were in the same universe.

It was teased that Jughead's mother and sister (Jelly Bean) could come into season 2.

Luke Perry is down for 35 episode's on IMDB so this could be a giveaway that he is going to live but probably not.

That's all the information I gathered on season 2 of Riverdale and from what I have seen so far it's going to be a great season. It seems like it's about to get a whole lot darker and mysterious but I guess we'll have to wait till October to find out. I hope you enjoyed and leave your thoughts on season 2 in the comments.

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