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Cassandra Saturn, best known for her portrayal as Avatar Korra from popular televised animated series "Legend of Korra" on IMVU.

image credit: Saturn as Korra, screenshot from IMVU 2017
image credit: Saturn as Korra, screenshot from IMVU 2017

this time.. we get an official interview with her on Facebook.

Andrea Natsuki: Cassandra, thank you for agreeing on one interview with Saturn News.

Cassandra Saturn: you're welcome, it's fine to get interviewed by one of my own reporters.. haha.

Natsuki: haha. right.. my first question is, how long have you been a cosplayer on IMVU?

Saturn: well, it's been about ten years now. i started in 2008 with first cosplay, which i was often called "Miss Fox" because of my Orange female fox. that's how i became known to furries on IMVU back then.

Natsuki: isn't it true that you were one of the popular roleplayers on IMVU?

Saturn: mhm. i was. i was most vocal and an damn good rper. i never lost a single beat or verse of roleplaying, even the art of rp.

Natsuki: here are rumors that you quit or gave up on Roleplaying back in 2009, any statements you'd like to make?

Saturn: yes, i do have one. i didn't leave or quit, nor gave up. i just took a extended long break from roleplaying. it was best thing to do because i felt like i was losing my ability to roleplay. remember KiKi's Delivery Service? that's how it happened to me.

Natsuki: oh.. that must been bad, do you feel like returning to that world of Roleplaying?

Saturn: of course, i plan to make my return when i get around after the list of things i have been busy with.

Natsuki: as i understand, it involves Power Rangers an (interrupted by Saturn)

Saturn: hold it. let me clarify it for you. the list does involve Power Rangers and Korra, Asami, Mako, Bolin as well Vaatu from LoK series for cosplay purposes.. one of these on list is what fans have been asking for, Korra to model for my Korra Designs on IMVU again. apparently, they love her in my designs i made many years ago.

Natsuki: wow. so you are the Designer of Korra Designs on IMVU?

Saturn: yes, why else i get tons of request for Korra photos as well for her to cosplay in various outfits that's customized or made by me.

Natsuki: how did you become popular with your fans?

Saturn: because of Korra. it stuck with me so they call me Korra for many reasons. it all started with cosplay of Korra haha.

Natsuki: mmm.. just one question. an user has asked: "Korra, will you marry me?"

Saturn: (facepalms) mhm.. definitely not.. i know this guy. he always asks me that. haha

Natsuki: thanks for the interview, Miss Saturn

Saturn: no, thank you. you're welcome.

this year, she has focused her efforts on Power Rangers Universe (Facebook) which launched on April 17th to bring together a page of everything on Power Rangers 90s to today. she made the Facebook Page (PRU) and the group (PRUG) of Power Rangers Universe. and now PRU will have its own official forum which is going to be designed by Saturn herself. (that girl sure can stay busy)

Cassandra (screenshot supplied by Saturn on SWTOR in 2016)
Cassandra (screenshot supplied by Saturn on SWTOR in 2016)

Saturn, a lifelong Power Rangers fan. Saturn has been a symbol of Wisdom and Courage for her legion of followers as Korra first and furthermore.

from what i have seen, she is quite talented person that works on various projects such as Power Rangers Universe.

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