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Welcome to Gaming United News, Gamer's online News Media, reporting on gaming news and games Created by Cassandra Saturn. Articles by gamers

Saturn News was reorganized into Gaming United News to replace the defunct News Media mostly due to Creator Cassandra Saturn's decision to do this after she suffered nasty injury that left her unable to walk for while. Gaming United News Launches today on October 23rd 2017.

the idea of Gaming United News (GUN) was made possible with help of her friends's collaboration and name ideas. the aim of GUN is to provide gamers with news about games, game systems all while keeping them informed. for this reason, the Creator wanted to make it happen by having news that's only for gamers. so thus GUN was born.

but that's not all. the Creator also wanted Editors, Journalists for her GUN facebook page. so she thinks that gamers who likes to make news about specific item, can do so at her page. posts by these people would make it on the FB page to update the followers regarding that item. not only this would help, but also help gamers get the information needed to make a decision.

Setsuna Kaiba
Setsuna Kaiba

as the Creator of Gaming United News, she alone has power and decision to decide which article is published to her creators GUN page. you'd have to be Duelist to duel her in a card game of Yugi-oh dueling cards to win.. i'm just kidding ya. but she sure loves being Kaiba.

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