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I know I’m going to get a lot of angry comments on this and you may think I’m just another hater, male supremacist etc. Sorry to say but this is why keeps creating . I understand praising a movie since they are bought to do that, whenever a giant company like pays them to do so. But what in the hell do general movie goers and fans see in this movie??? Why is it being called the biggest of the when it’s behind .2? Why is ???!!!

This movie is at best , I consider :DawnofJustice better and that was a movie with some bad , , you name it. But at least the film is holds up with its superior action scenes, more interesting and way less predictable. I will be talking about some of my points that make this film a generic mediocre film and why it is overhyped.

1. The Undecided Queen

I wonder how this got to be queen of anything when she can’t make any decisions without being convinced of doing just the opposite. First she tries to raise as a normal child and wants to keep her away from becoming a warrior that still ends up happening with her sister (convincingly) making her change her mind to train Diana for the upcoming battle against AKA . Then after the scuffle with the , Diana decides to sneak out of the island to go with Steve to the war, which forbid in the first place, then catches Diana sneaking out but decides to let her go anyways. All to just dramatize and drag out this boring part of the movie. She also tries to hide Diana’s true identity which later on gets figured out in the film. is an expert on making dumb and pointless blonde characters besides the that made that villain in .

2. Knowledge of all the pleasures of but naïve to everything else…

I laughed for 2 reasons in this scene, the was and the fact that Diana doesn’t know what time is, doesn’t know how men can be , how the modern world works but knows everything about the pleasures of sex, all 12 volumes of it. Here I thought the film wasn’t going to objectify women, but did it anyways just to say that men are worthless in bed. Nice. Also if your training Diana to f off Aeries shouldn’t have she been more informed about these crucial things like I don’t know facts of life??? But no she’s just to taught to kick ass and f#@$ Chris Pine’s character with 12 volumes of knowledge. Stupid, all you needed was 1 volume. But again made for the purpose to create that Dah! Dah! Dah! Oh my God I see how the world is now cliché seined a thousand times in a thousand different movies.

3. The useless

When Steve and Diana decide to head to the Front along with additional companions you would think they would serve some purpose for the film or just to entertain us. Neither of these things prove to be fruitful, they just follow around like little puppies, don’t crack out any jokes, some PTSD showings and gave out just a little help for Wonder Woman by eliminating a . This film is filled with useless characters, somebody should’ve told that this isn’t a 1 woman show, learn some dam character development and how to make a film at least interesting.

4. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Its Captain Steve blowing up to bits.

That scene where Diana sees Steve marching off to take the gas weapon and fly it off to blow it up in the sky along with him is the dumbest I love you death scene of this movie. Your killing me Patty Jenkins. First off why did Steve bothered to destroy the gas weapon in the first place if none of the Germans were going to fly off with it. Was there a countdown an automatic flying sequence that couldn’t stop the plane. What, what the f#$#$ is the reason for this drastic measure. I tell what is for, just to create a cheap dramatic love ending and to somehow give her the strength to on the and Aeries. Second of all why didn’t Diana simply stopped the plane herself since she’s basically indestructible. You will say “oh she was fighting Aeries; she didn’t have time to stop it.” Well conveniently she was giving enough time to hear Roger’s good bye speech. WTF Patty Jenkins where is the logic in this movie? Could you stick even an ounce of logic to this thing?

5. Boring scenes

The film isn’t about action, but common if you’re going to do boring dialogue, predictable scenes and uninteresting characters can you at least give us good action? Nope, all we get is boring action sequences and obvious outcomes. Ever since I saw the trailers and that the movie was going to be based on I knew the action wasn’t going to be good. We’re talking about a being that can fight for crying out loud, what so exciting about watching a complete one sided ass kicking contest? So the film thinks about making it all up with the final battle that’s surprise, surprise Aeries. Which that fight is somewhat a rip off from the final battle in BVS: Dawn of Justice against the giant Orc from the .

6. Copies a lot from : The First Avenger

This happens almost every single time a movie comes out, it rips off from a bunch films that came before it, and adds a mixture of all those different elements into one movie and this occasionally works. Except when the movie has scenes that reflects almost everything that another movie has, like looking into a mirror. Wonder Woman has a an evil genius scientist that’s a sidekick to the Nazi villain of the film, same as Captain America 1.In wonder woman Science makes the Nazi a super soldier, same as captain America with the . Finally in wonder woman Captain Steve dies in an airplane in order to save the world from the gas weapon, Captain America sacrifices himself to destroy the weapons created from the that ends up with him crashing a plane into Alaska . All these scenes are way too similar to ignore, it makes the film predictable, cheap and just boring. Very lazy work from the film makers.


I don’t think the film is bad, I don’t think it’s horrible, but by no means is this film great. It has a few good elements to it but again its just a mediocre generic film from which I think doesn’t deserve the recognition or the praise that its getting. If we continue to allow movies likes this by giving them money for it, then the movie theaters will always be filled with crappy and mediocre films. fans will never get a proper DCU films if we keep paying for movies like this.

Thank you for reading my article and please leave a comment and let me know what you thought about the amazing Wonder Woman film.

Note: I would like to let you all know that i was unable to put images on the article due to some technical problems with the creators post. I apologize and will try to work it out next time.

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