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Yes. I'm That Good.

This is called marketing. All Marvel is doing is putting the characters that make the most money in the lime light, because they make money. It's what every company would do. I mean this is just stupid, especially when people call this kind of thing sexist when it's not. People can't bitch about Black Widow, Maria Hill, Dr. Cho and Scarlet Witch not making an appearance yet not mention the also snubbed Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Vision, Fury and War Machine. I admit sometimes Marvel does go too far with those instances of Gamora not appearing on a backpack when all the other Guardians did, or a Captain America figurine of a Black Widow scene. For the love of god can people start seeing the difference between sexism and marketing, and can people stop bitching about tiny things which nobody cares about until you bring it up.

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