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Do you need more proof that is otherworldly? Look no further than his Instagram page!

Chris Hemsworth at the 'Blackhat' premiere, 2015 [Credit: Zimbio]
Chris Hemsworth at the 'Blackhat' premiere, 2015 [Credit: Zimbio]

The handsome actor posted an insanely impressive video on Instagram of him flinging a basketball from one side of the court and draining it into the hoop perfectly on the other side. When he makes the shot, his friends promptly proceed to freak out with excitement and the triumphant Aussie rolls around on the floor, as one would do if they ever make such a shot. Hemsworth captioned the video with:

Greatest day of my life photo cred @laithnakli thanks New Mexico Tech for the venue!

See The Shot Hemsworth Refers To As A "Miracle" Below:

See Hemsworth's Next Project, Horse Soldiers

Hemsworth is currently in New Mexico filming the war movie Horse Soldiers and seems to be using the nearby New Mexico Tech’s athletic facilities to let off steam and keep in shape.

Horse Soldiers also stars the illustrious Michael Shannon and follows a group of soldiers who are deployed to Afghanistan immediately after the events of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The film will follow the soldiers as they join forces with a warlord in an attempt to drive out the Taliban years before the official start of the Iraq and Afghanistan war in 2003.

Source: People.


Do you think you could drain a full-court shot like Thor?

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