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The internet is a wondrous place with all the trailer mashups and insane fan theories our hearts could desire. Thankfully, we have come across another one of these marvelous mashups that will genuinely fool you into believing you missed a spectacular moment of television.

When Rick Sanchez Invades Quahog

As hungry fans wait for more from the newest season of , talented Redditor tinnerino edited together clips of Rick into a episode from Season 10 entitled "Mr. and Mrs. Stewie." The sequence is executed through an Imgur post, so since there is no audio, tinnerino included captions that represents each respective character perfectly.

Check Out The Brilliant Mashup Below:

If you have a keen eye for your Rick and Morty episodes, you will be able to spot which episode the glimpses of Rick appear in. The multiple episodes tinnerino used for the Rick cutouts were from the pilot, the first two episodes of Season 2, with the last shot appearing from S02E05.

For the curious, here is the original fight between Stewie and Penelope that tinnerino used as inspiration for the mashup. It's quite remarkable watching this original fight following the mashup and seeing the meticulous editing that went into taking Penelope out and placing Rick in.

How Was It Done?

Tinnerino provided some insight into how he created the mashup by stating the programs he used were the forever reliable Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. He continued by discussing how "tedious" the rotoscoping of Rick and Stewie were and I can't even imagine how much patience is required to get even a morsel of the sequence finished without wanting to destroy my computer:

"Yeah, cutting everything out is like one of the most tedious and boring things I can think off. I did the Rick ones by hand and then for Stewie I had lost my patience and used the rotobrush which essentially works like the quick selection tool in photoshop."

'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Adult Swim]
'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Adult Swim]

I truly thought there was a crossover episode of either Rick and Morty or Family Guy that I missed and wondered why the internet didn't explode over it yet. Although it doesn't fill the Rick-shaped void in my heart craving the rest of , these mashups will suffice until that glorious release day. For the lovers of the April Fool's episode of the premiere, click here for the numerous included in the episode.

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Rick And Morty is set to return to this summer. Let us all commence with the schwifty as Rick would want us to.

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'Rick and Morty [Credit: Adult Swim]
'Rick and Morty [Credit: Adult Swim]

What did you think about the Rick and Morty/Family Guy mashup? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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