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There are games some play to unwind. There are casual games to pass the time. Then, there are games that put you in a vacuum where you might as well have died. No contact,holiday, or family function can pull you away.

Fallout 4 will be one of those games. At least for me. I played Fallout 3 so much that I could give tours of the greater D.C. area and I live in Georgia. I could also get you around Tamriel without a map. Bethesda has a way of grabbing me and spitting me back out months later, squinting at the sun like I just left vault 101 for the first time.

To the chagrin of my patient and loving wife November will be my next gaming coma. The thing that scares me, and excites me is the sheer scope of what Fallout 4 brings to the table. Many a raider, super mutant, and feral ghoul will fall.

Just remember kiddies, if you're coming to Boston this fall. "Don't feed the Yao-guai.

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