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Harry Lennix blew fans' minds at San Diego Comic Con last year when he came to the stage and read the famous quote from The Dark Knight Returns

In an interview with Screenweektv, Lennix gives interesting insights regarding Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and his personal experience with the creative team.

For Harry, he says his first superhero introduction as a kid was Superman and it had staying power for him. It was thrilling for him to make this announcement, not to mention being a part of Superman’s story, not once but twice, with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s been a dream come true for him.

What Harry says he loves about this script, is their "serious" approach to the mythologies of the superheroes. When Harry learned Zack Snyder was involved with the reboot Man of Steel, and then a call came from his agent that he was wanted for a role in the movie. And just like that childhood dreams comes true.

Harry can’t obviously say much that is revealing of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice story, he does share that when these two characters confront each other, with interesting challenges, but offers it’s “very dramatic.” Ironically, he also admits the internet seems to be more informed about the movie’s story than the actors are!

You can listen to the conversation in the below video

I am really glad that WB/DC is sticking to a different , darker tone than Marvel Studios. Don't get me wrong!, I like all MCU movies so far. Marvel has done a great job with their films. But if DC/WB thread the same path now, then it will become nothing more than a rehash, [Justice League](movie:401267) will look like an Avengers wannabe. With their serious and dramatic approach, WB/DC can bring something new to the superhero genre. Also I love how he is emphasizing the antagonistic relationship between Batman & Superman in the film.

What do you guys think about the supposedly serious and dramatic nature of BVS? Would you guys rather have them copy the Marvel tone? Put in your thoughts down below

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What do you think of DC/WB's serious approach with their films?

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